Christmas Playlist | Sony BMG CD 2

Welcome back to today’s Christmas post! Last night we posted about one of the favorite Christmas CDs we have (check it out here ) , and tonight we are posting about the second in the series. This second compilation starts with Christina Aguilera’s rendition of The Christmas Song. With her big voice, Christina sets the mood for another classic ride. We love Gene Autry’s Frosty The Snowman ❤ (Say, do you love binge watching Frosty The Snowman film? We can’t do without animation movies during Christmas ❤ ). In 2007, this was the first time I heard Santa Baby , and thank God it wasn’t the Taylor Swift version that introduced me to this gem of a song. Eartha Kitt’s version is my favorite, followed by The Pussycat Dolls cover. No offence, but I don’t like how Taylor Swift sang it.

Il Divo ❤ Can any perfect Christmas playlist be complete without them? Just like The Three Tenors, who also happen to have inspired the formation of Il Divo and also feature on this list, the Il Divo boys bring a grand closure to this playlist. O Holy Night is the last song on this CD ( 1st song on the first CD, if you missed it yesterday read it here ).

With songs from Sinatra, Art Garfunkel, Macy Gray , and Johnny Mathis, you can only imagine how grand the playlist sounds, bringing in Christmas tunes that will fill your rooms with vintage Christmas cheer.


And the holographic label of the album . Note that the second CD has hyphenated numerical “2” written after the year.


We love that this CD is all about the greens in Christmas, I think the red and green theme is so amazing about Christmas ❤  There you go, these are some of the best Christmas songs out there!

The Song List

  1. The Christmas Song – Christina Aguilera
  2. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S – Jim Reeves
  3. Silver Bells – Jerry Vale
  4. Frosty The Snowman – Gene Autry
  5. Jingle Bell Rock – Billy Gilman
  6. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – Gene Autry + The Pinafores (with orchestra)
  7. Let It Snow, Let It Snow , Let It Snow – Frank Sinatra
  8. Go Tell It On The Mountain – Jim Nabors
  9. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – The Brothers Four
  10. When A Child Is Born – Johnny Mathis
  11. Hallelujah, It’s Christmas – Roger Whittaker
  12. Joy To The World – Kenny G
  13. O Come All Ye Faithful – Art Garfunkel
  14. Feliz Navidad – The Three Tenors
  15. Winter Wonderland – Macy Gray
  16. Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
  17. Sleigh Ride – Andy Williams
  18. O Holy Night – Il Divo

Enjoy your day, everyone! Christmas is just around the corner ❤

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Christmas Playlist | Sony BMG CD 1


First bomb of Christmas has been dropped! The first candle of the advent season has been lit ❤ The home is getting a cozier feel and festive look, we wish we had a fireplace here but I guess we’ll have to relocate and then get a fireplace, some geographical locations never get snow and fireplaces, spoils the whole winter flavor! ( at least for people like us who haven’t seen snow yet, yes, we don’t travel to far off places, so that will have to wait)

Have we started with the Christmas music yet? Yes siree! We have! Didn’t you already? If you know the power of internet then you must have some downloaded stuffs to listen to, but if you are a Christmas fanatic like us you sure do have some original CDs that you seriously take care of all the year ❤


Did you notice the “1” written on the CD label? Okay, here’s a secret, we have three CDs in this compilation series , all came in one sweet case. Tonight we are showing you the 1st CD playlist . This CD has Presley, Jessica Simpson, Boney M, and three of our favorites, BSB, A1 and *Nsync ❤ Why I skipped mentioning Wham! ?Well, by the time it comes to the end of the song list, Last Christmas is like “why did George Michael ever sing this song!” .

Don’t get me wrong but if you happen to be a frequent listener of Last Christmas, it does make you feel sleepy no matter what time of the day it is. Not to mention, it makes me feel dramatic , as though I should be ball-room dancing somewhere. That music in the song is contagious! But a classic, nonetheless. Why we love A1 and *Nsync? We love them since we were in school! And did you listen to the White Christmas acapella by A1 ? Love it! *Nsync scores high with The First Noel , love the beats, and Justin knows how to melt a heart ❤ And BSB, those boys always sing good ❤ Also, who remembers Clay Aiken? Oh, that guy was so cute! Mary, Did You Know is my favorite from his albums, did you listen to Pentatonix version of Mary, Did You Know ? Love the two versions ❤ . We’ve got Michael  Bolton, Luther Vandross , Cyndi Lauper here, so you have some vintage feels to get you sweet and comfy ❤

Play it when you are with friends, family, kids .


Sony BMG does not produce anymore of these I guess, this compilation is from 2007 (Sony BMG is no more, alas) , yup, this has been with us for a decade now. This Christmas we are celebrating ten years of this compilation in the family ❤ We love the whole look and package, wait till you see the other two CDs 🙂


If you see the inner core of the CD you’ll notice the holographic name of this compilation with the number “1” hyphenated right after the year 2007.

The Song List

  1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Luther Vandross
  2. O Holy Night – Michael Bolton
  3. Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord – Boney M.
  4. The Little Drummer Boy – Babyface
  5. White Christmas – A1
  6. Christmas Time – BSB
  7. Joy To The World – Clay Aiken
  8. Merry X-Mas Everybody – Steps
  9. Christmas Through Your Eyes – Gloria Estefan
  10. The Twelve Days Of Christmas – Harry Belafonte
  11. The First Noel – *Nsync
  12. Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley
  13. Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens
  14. Early Christmas Morning – Cyndi Lauper
  15. Jingle Bell Rock – Daryl Hall and John Oates
  16. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Michael Bolton
  17. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Jessica Simpson
  18. Please Come Home For Christmas – Lonestar
  19. Last Christmas – Wham !

There you go, people ❤ We’ll be showing you the second CD in this series tomorrow. Thanks for joining us, we will share more Christmasy stuffs all through the season, don’t forget to follow us 🙂

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Sweet Advent wishes and greetings to you all ❤

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Hello, December 2017


One of the three months we love, the other two being March and October (because of our birthdays!) December is def. our fav month, not just because we are Christocentric but also because we had our first baby sitting right outside the door on 30th December morning. Our first budgie albino baby was sleeping like a baby and we welcomed her like a God-send friend. She and our other blue budgie are our favorite people on earth. December’s gotta be the most celebrated month, we got New Year’s up next but before that – it is CHRISTMAS TIME YOU GUYS! ADVENT IS THIS SUNDAY! 🙂

We’ll talk about what we are wearing this advent season and what we are having for food but tonight we are not talking anything in details. Tonight we are just gearing up for the biggest birthday ever celebrated worldwide! Christmas chore/to-do lists will be chalked tomorrow- so that’s coming up on the blog this season. And then we have tons of artworks coming up that you will see pop here and there on this blog and on Brand Olishna .

Christmas is full of emotions, nostalgia, warm hugs, coffee nights, sneaking out cakes, warm clothes, battery-low cell phones, and Church events. We used to get busy all month, making artworks and cribs in the convent back in school days. We had little access to things, ten years back at least I didn’t have internet, some of my friends did have access but my sis and I were more of quiet/ happy-in-our-room girls and didn’t bother about anything outside our room. Well, we still don’t but we are more sociable and open to talking than just watching Hanna-Barbera shows (We still watch cartoons, that’s just us, but we do talk to real humans too now. haha) . Christmas is all about singing out loud in the church and perfumed mornings . Is there a wedding? No, it is a BIRTHDAY!

Hoping you guys are getting ready for the best Christmas ever, because WE ARE! ❤

And here’s what our December is like : The first song to get you started :


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Thinking about Thanksgiving

Being Thankful. Giving Thanks to the Lord, for He is good.

Hey y’all , first up, how’s your weekend going? Don’t get us started, but the weather is going haywire here. Last year, this day, we had our woollens out. We are still wearing summer fashion here! Haha. We are supposed to shoot for more outfits this week, but the sweaters will have to wait!  Wasn’t that chilly last year but wasn’t this warm either. The sun is still summer-y and we can’t keep complaining about the weather changes happening all over the world, so let’s be thankful for the little stuffs we still have with us.

Thanksgiving is this week! Christmas is next month!

Okay, who is up for more festivities? WE ARE!

This year was good, right? Nope? Okay, let’s try this again. This year you learned not to be superficial, to deepen your bonds with the ones you love, show your raw emotions (even with the ones you don’t love) , and to work it! If you have wasted time for someone who didn’t deserve it, take it to someone else who appreciates your existence. You live to love and if love is not the core of your existence then what is? Be nicer, but don’t sugarcoat. Don’t be nice to someone who is bullying you to death. We always say you should let go the toxicity and toxic people, but forgiveness is not a chocolate bar that you should keep dishing out when you can see there is no effort from the guilty list. Be fearless when you love, have clarity in thought, and stick to the decisions. Be responsible and don’t get into “hit and run” mode. Stay. That is what you should learn every year. Life will bring to you the same themes and lessons , over and over again. Of course, no one is telling you not to have fun. But everything should be proper. Not that you should be controlling , but just don’t linger with the lower energies. It does no good and keeps adding to the pain.

Let’s be Thankful for the little love we have with us, right now. This universe that was given to us. Our abilities to love and care, to be sly no more, to speak out when needed, to be permanent in each other’s lives, to never play games that leaves only tears, to love our children more, to eat well, to be happy God chose us to do good, with all our talents. To bring more goodness to the table this universe has laid out. To feel. To never block out emotional upheavals. Feel. Feel stronger when you love fearlessly.

Let us all be thankful for that.


Happy Thanksgiving  to you all worldwide ❤


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November Sky

The sky, expansive and dreamy.

How beautiful and expressive.

These will be the opening lines of our poetry up next on The Librettist. If you haven’t noticed before, yes, we also write stories and poetry. We love teaming our photographs with what we write, and nope we do not read to write. I noticed many of our classmates confessing that they read to write better. That is insane! Because if you are reading just to write better you will never focus on reading and enjoying what the author wants you to see! You cannot formulate what you are capable of feeling by reading somebody else! You have to feel and write, form and express, all by yourself. People can inspire you, but not make you a better writer. Trust me, having M.A degree in literature myself with so many authors surrounding me always, I have no shame admitting to the fact that this degree did not help me write better. I do not conform to any rules of Literature or writing when I write. Literature will introduce genres to you, but to write well you gotta feel, you need to be emotionally available, to be able to follow both logic and irrationality. You write because you feel, not because you just read a dead person’s novel! You don’t write because you have an excuse to write , like “oh, I read Austen, so let me write one close to her lines.” No! That won’t work, little robot of literature!

My sis is more scientifically inclined. With her science background you’d expect her to never write love poetry? Please! I have seen people with mechanics and economics as their studies writing better poetry than people who have literature as their base.

This November sky is all sunny where we live, might not be the same where you live but what does it matter?! November is here and soon December will swoop in!

Merry November, you know! 🙂

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Livvy’s 23rd Birthday

Yasss! Livvy turns 23!

Here are some of the highlights! We will post about her outfit and food in details later on, but a little sneak peek is in order. We had a little Halloween theme decor going on in the room, and it turned out very sweet ❤


Please join us on Instagram and Twitter to see more, and don’t forget to check out Livvy’s birthday outfit details tomorrow! ❤ Thank you all for wishing her on this day! We love you all! ❤

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Sky Buildings

September’s going to be all about sky photos, the weather is crazy out here with so much of rain and heat at the same time, but who’s gonna miss out on evening walks? Not us!

We hope you enjoy the photographs we bring to you, these are small part of the memories we create while going on our usual strolls. Livvy is going to be mad at me for slapping back to back sky photos on the blog, I can’t help it, really! 🙂 It is not that sky is the favorite element of nature for me, but I like the blues and whites up overhead. Those are colors of our kids. We are mothers of two small budgies, albino and blue.

But as for now, we are just clicking random grey skies because darn it is rainy!

Enjoy you day/night, wherever you are!

Love from two sisters.

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Hands That Paint

My sister and I often drop our work and scurry out into the world. Doesn’t matter if it is a week day or the weekend, we stop short and start walking. Evening walks make us feel happy, we talk and laugh and take pictures much to the dismay of onlookers , blasted freaking annoying people, while Livvy tries to stop me from making a fool of myself but how else do you take a sky photo? I stand in the middle of the road and block traffic, what else would a showstopper-sky-photographer do, right? With so much of abusive content staining our personal lives Livvy and I need a breather, and no clubbing and pubbing can make it right. Just to feel one with the universe , the clouds, the trees, you can head out and be lost in the silence. So much to love and yet some of us choose to block the loving and hurl denials at others. You want it? Make an effort to stay and love. If someone is not worth your trust, don’t teach them anything, take the love and focus on your talents. Just say no to playing games because no one wins by breaking hearts.

Much of our work requires us to paint, we are illustrators and Brand Olishna is our baby. If you look carefully at the cover pic of this post you will see that we have nail art on , yes, we hand draw our nail art designs. So, we draw a LOT! Dedication towards work is our thang, and we can’t help but pour out creativity.

As my Livvy and I are sipping our green tea, we are checking our To-Do lists and happy that things are running smooth. We know you guys are excited to see what we got next in line for you, you know the drill, just keep following to get notified when we publish our stuffs. Rock and roll, baby! We got paintings to show, we have stories to write. So you are in for a BIG fall season!

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Sky Rain

The chill in the air when you are walking in the rain.

The rain comes down almost every Saturday evening, darkening the sun just too fast, way before the setting.

My sister, Livvy, and I take sky pictures so randomly during these hours. No Saturday is complete without a sky photo. But with so much of rain and flooding, and wildfires, who are we kidding?

Is the sky really the limit?

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Enter August Exeunt July 2017

We’ve been getting notifications from dearest WordPress that we have new bloggers following us! We welcome you all to our little blog where we love to share about what we sisters feels, and a little bit about our closet and lifestyle. Make no mistake , we both might have similar tastes but we are still different individuals with shared interests, and who love beauty and designs. So you get double the posts and double the styling. A huge kiss from us to you all.

Hi, I am Molly. Livvy is tired and taking a nap, so I am just trying to get at least one post up and surprise her when she wakes up. You know how annoying it is when work piles up? Because bloggers will be viewing this first as soon as I publish here, and we work as professional bloggers ourselves, I’ll let you in on a secret. We get really pissed when we take photos and don’t get the time to either write or post. The rule is to draft out what you wish people to see on your post, but I just directly open the “Write” tab and start writing as though people are reading live newspapers and I am talking one on one. My sis and I have so many pictures that need to be posted and I can’t seem to find time to write about the products I was thinking to review, we have outfits to show you and those pics are laying lazy in a folder. I even forgot to write a June special post , we do a monthly intro every month and I didn’t even realize I had nothing posted for July. Our birds were not well, so that took our attention away from blogging and painting. Family comes first and for me my family means my sis and my birds and plants. I am very content that I have very less people in my life and my mind is more concerned about animal health and plant life. I consider myself to be part of that community where people are more worried about how to get the best life for animals, humans can go to hell. Literally, I have zero hope for humanity with so many creeps on the loose. Anyhoo, my sis and I are slowly trying to get the posts up on this blog, but we’ll still be posting on our Instagram first, don’t forget to check us out there. We have tons of artworks to show you on Brand Olishna , get over there too and support us!

We are also very thankful to our new collaborators and sponsors for selecting us to review their products here in India. Yes, we are open to reviewing and you can approach us from anywhere on Earth. You just have to email us on for further talks. We review jewelry, clothing, decor, beauty products, footwear, art materials, books, almost anything, even lingerie. We love collaborating with small handmade businesses. Also, if you want to blend the gender gap and get us some men’s shirt or tees or men’s sweaters, we don’t mind! As long as we fit in, we’ll love it, our tastes are anyway a lil boyish for girly things. Just shoot an email, we stay in India so here’s to your exposure to this part of the world. Please look around our blog and feel free to read our older posts about international brands we have featured so far ❤

This August we are welcoming the autumn already!  We have our fall outfits lined up, with so many recipes you can’t imagine. And get ready for some sweet stories, we also write poetry and short stories. We’ll keep you posted on that.

With so much to do, my sis and I appreciate the time you take out to go through our posts. You can reach us on social media anytime you want, we are located in Kolkata, India, so if you wanna meet up here get in touch with us for a business collab. We’d love to feature events as well.

Meanwhile, I’ll just go and charge our cell phones after I hit publish. Please come back tomorrow, or better still, follow us here (see the follow button on the sidebar, please) so you get notified about our next post.

Note the special cover pic : The cover pic is awesome, at least for me. Livvy and I took this when we were coming back from church. People were getting rid of overgrown branches and the street had leaves all over. Think I stopped the traffic of cycles there for a while when I was taking the pic, as a fashion/style/lifestyle blogger you know you raise eyebrows when you take pics in public!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

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