Ash Valentine Wednesday

It is Ash Wednesday, people! And it also happens to be St.Valentine’s Feast! ( Check out Brand Olishna for Ash Wednesday/Valentine’s Day art here )

Think it is a double treat day, except for on Ash Wednesdays you don’t eat meat and preferably observe fast. This year we wore red and we still have the ash on our foreheads (selfie right after the Holy Mass ). It is a great start to the Lenten season, grateful for Christ’s love and the way we all care for each other. While dedicating just one day to love is purely unethical and strange, we can all agree to it that there is nothing greater than the whole world coming together to follow a cause so dedicatedly at least for one day! But with all the worldwide heartbrokeness and lack of honesty all we can do is hope that things get better soon.

Today we mark the beginning of 40-days solemnity, and observing fast is a major thing during Lent. So, we’ll make it a point to post at least few recipes per week so you don’t have to panic about what to eat and drink!

Can’t wait for the Holy Week! Have a blessed Ash Valentine Wednesday ❤

❤ ❤ ❤


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Winter Likes and Dislikes

Cold afternoon, you guys! This is going to be a long read, have a seat and read along!

BSB songs on the list and playing “One in a Million” . Old songs make mornings special. One of those no-television days , because we like playing songs all day. We prefer switching off the T.V and playing songs , T.V is not THAT important to us, except for times when we love watching cartoons or a nice old film on Star Movies. Some romantic or horror flicks can really turn a dull day into a good one, but today is a musical day for us.

Huh, can you imagine, Livvy just changed the C.D! Looks like Maroon5 is on her mind, since we’ve been listening to BSB for so long since morning , may be we should do good with other songs, a little peppy ones?

Hello, everyone! Are we going towards the Ice Age? BOMB!

Hands freezing cold, Jack Frost is not leaving! “Let my nose be, Jack Frost!”

Everything is cool about winter except for few glitches here and there. You can’t have everything working for you, so I thought may be it will be great if I share some of the things we don’t like in the winter. We don’t usually set up pros and cons of a season but winter is a favorite, so just for once if we can dream to have those nasty aspects of winter out of our lives it’d be great!

While we are shivering, feeling feverish, who thinks cough and cold shouldn’t be there in this world AT ALL!? Livvy and I are cold prone during winters, we are water signs so this is pretty natural, we have E.N.T issues and don’t get me started with this one. All I can add is, cough and cold get worse during winters, yes there are days when we get cough and cold in the summers too because of temperature fluctuations. Ask the school kids, they get it worse. Like last year, the cough syrup bottles flew off the shelves of dispensaries like hot cakes in our neighborhood. Dunk hot cakes in the cough syrup and feed your kids! With the on going smog in the country, winters are ushering more and more health problems. Fighting medical abuses and living on induced drug addiction was a part of our lifestyle ten years back. I blame our parents for blindly trusting doctors, I blame myself for not being able to stand up for myself even when I had a hunch that those drugs were not required. I was not this vocal a decade back and I was in school, I barely took action against our parents who plonked all their decisions on us. It never helps when you live on continued medication without any effort to live without the drugs. There will always be medical problems that need real continued medication but there are medical problems that don’t need continued medical usages, stop taking medicines that are not required and ask your doctors questions about what you need to know.

Then comes the uncomfortable “girly stuff” . Thank God we are not menstruating, got over just few days back, the pain is always disgusting , and the constant flow makes everything annoying during the winter season. Periods are bad during the frigidity, our warm hugs to the women around the world who are struggling with periods during the chill , going to the loo, changing pads, checking for blood stains, with tons of sweaters on, unclean toilets at the malls, feels so tiring to even think about it. And then there are extreme cases of pain, hope you have warm fluids and take rest. May the men in your lives be considerate and make your food, I know how bad periods can get according to season and genes, so please do take care during menstruation. Ask for help if you need. Better to get help than cry in a pool of blood like you are breathing your last. It is a serious issue, because the pain is never evenly distributed, and it f***ing pains badly for some women. Don’t let anyone make you feel small if you are in pain, it is a natural process but pain is pain and you are allowed to cry. Go to the doctor if it is required, but do not keep thriving on meds, have water, eat clean, and go through it.

What are the other winter stuffs you hate? I boil water every two hours, for drinking. No, we don’t have water heater. I boil enough water for us and our bird kids. If it isn’t good for you, it isn’t good for animals either, especially when they are used to indoors. Animals out in the wild will be having cold water, or they might be using other methods to be okay in the winters, but animals who live with us are not that used to the ways of the wild. I give them lukewarm water and being birds they only have one to two drops at a time, they are very small and they require less water but they love seeing that you gave them one bowl full of water. What I hate about boiling the water every two hours is that I have to get off the computer and do it every time, I can’t leave everything to Livvy, she works around the household a lot, and she is always doing the chores. She does most of the cleaning and cooking, I am more allergic to dust and she does everything she can to not let me think about the chores. The thing with boiling water is…I belong to that group of humans who like it fresh, and I know I take it to extreme at times, who would want to have freshly boiled water for drinking and other stuffs? Crazy, I know, but I don’t like it thinking that the water was boiled hours ago and I am using it now. More like, if you slice a fruit and keep it for hours and have it later. I don’t like that. I know it is too much, but I can’t shake this habit off me. In a way it is okay I guess, I am really concerned about health, and I just don’t think you can be careful enough when it comes to health.

Another think I hate is washing hands, but I love my kids and If I need to get my hands dried out for them – so be it, I wash hands thousand times a day. Nope, not a crazy habit. I have to wash hands every time before I feed my birds, I might be touching twenty things between my birds’ meal times, so yes I wash my hands a lot. And that leaves my hands dry, I moisturize my hands only before going to sleep, after our birds have gone to sleep and we have put shawls/quilts all over their cage. So that the moisturizers on my skin don’t leave a scent on the shawls or cage , it is a chemical after all.

Socks and the fear of getting your socks wet. The need to answer nature’s call, and then you keep thinking that it is the toilet that’s going to be monstrous to your socks. Not that you’ll pee in a way you’ll get your pee all over the socks, I just keep thinking that the toilet floors might have a puddle. We wear flipflops and that might just not save the socks. Solution : take your socks off and walk carefully, try not to feel the cold. It is a disastrous cold, end it already!

Wanna know another aspect of winter that we dislike? Batteries going dead. Smartphones are always going dead, battery charge dropping at a rapid speed. I am making a sweater for our smartphones. I was never this serious about knitting, but I am now. Darn!

Can’t have fruits always. We have fruits mostly, nothing tastes better than fruits for us. No, we don’t do diets , we’ve been fruit crazy since we were kids. But during winters we can’t have fruits anytime we want, especially at night. Fruits are so cold, you can barely have an entire fruit without getting a sore throat! Sad, so sad!

The best part about winter is everything else. The silence, the evening walks, the coffee , the way you and I are reading each other, the weak sun in the sky, the winter wear , the celebrations. Looking at the kids who are playing in the park after-dark. Guys checking you out in the decent way (come on, we are single, we are allowed to look at single men and single men are allowed to look at us, just don’t get it filthy in your head. We are all covered in winters, you just get to see the face and smile. ), there is a new popcorn stall by the road here, talking about the past and future, getting to know who is finally getting divorced because she didn’t deserve a good guy ever, the small stuffs in life, winter is special that way.

(The divorce part, yes, we don’t bother about who is doing what or how one is getting served for what they have done years back, who are we to see your karmic path! But we are happy that some people are really paying for what they did to others, the last thing you wanna do is make someone cry. Hurting others only sets you up for a big fall. The tears you give to others come back to haunt you. Just got the news that one of our relatives is going through a trashy phase, and he deserves that, for abusing his own life and others around him. We all wait for justice , and thanks to this universe for setting things right, bringing peace to the tormented. Always work for the good, be righteous, live with regulations. People may slap you for not drinking today, but if you really have no alcohol in your blood you will have a great health even when you are 60. Try having friends without the alcohol, see if you have just booze-buddies or real friends who drive you towards good, you can be a agent of good only if you are striving to be good. Plants and animals don’t need to have fun in petty ways that we do, be outrageous in a good way, you may be a misfit but you need to be you in a healthy way. No one wins if you let your life fly away without a purpose to serve this universe.)

Is this winter being harsh to you? Cold hands make me type slowly, that’s another bad aspect of winter. But we love the cold, don’t we!? May your winters bring you warm hugs wherever you are.

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Brand Olishna Art Video on YouTube

A huge thank you to all who are constantly playing our videos, big kisses to you guys! As many of you know, we are artists first. We’ve been drawing and selling our artworks since we were in school. It used to be our relatives and close friends back then and now we sell to customers worldwide. Our school friends will be smiling wide after watching our X-Men artwork video, because there was a time we used to discuss about the episodes we watched on Cartoon Network. We used to watch reruns of the 90s Fox version of X-Men , and then X-MEN Evolution series back in early 2003 . I was in class 8 that year, and never stopped illustrating X-Men characters, changing their costumes and clothes because my sis and I always wanted to be designers, whether it be fashion designing or wedding gown designing, we were always sketching. See more on Brand Olishna


Art is never a hobby for us. Please do not insult art when you are around us, we’ll probably not think twice before slapping you hard. You make it sound like a secondary stream in life when you call it “hobby”. How about this : Education was a “hobby” for us. So not sorry that we did not love getting degrees and put it on first preference , we “loved” drawing first. You can never practice to be a better artist. You don’t “practice” getting good at nursing your babies, do you nurse ten million other kids to get it perfect and then feed your milk to your own baby? Do you practice how to poop? Do you tell your family to starve while you practice making food? Do you practice waking up in the morning? When you say you “practice” art, you mean that it should be technically correct! Art is not math, even if you talk from P.O.V of a technique/genre. You may have an illustration degree but come on, who will make you good at art? Your heart! You need to feel. Your ideas need to be born inside of you. You don’t practice drawing one face for ten days! You feel like drawing something, you think up ideas, you take up pens and paper and do it! If you research so much, like many people do and fail, you will only end up drawing copies and mingling things with your own raw ideas. You can never write better if you read too much, some people read to write and that’s why we have clones. Is that even producing something original? You latch onto a syntax that is not yours ! Don’t make writing and drawing dependent on calculations. We never plan and draw , we never overthink while writing poetry. That’s a shame, you should never plan and calculate how and when you should feel. Be one with your feelings, don’t be a dumb machine. If you meditate , don’t do so for just five minutes. There is never a plan when you pray. And an artist’s life is devotional. As a writer you should always be one with your feelings, even if you write from an objective view. We were always strong artists who never went to sleep without drawing at least something. Which is why our parents used to thrash us, they tore most of our paintings, yes we had an abusive past..and until recently we were being harassed by our parents, not anymore. Sometimes even parents turn out to be evil, this is coming from two girls who never lived reckless lifestyle or ever partied at a nightclub , we just have art in our life and let’s just say there will always be people who will stop you from fulfilling your purpose, in this story we have our parents playing the bully. No one can reason with them, and it is really sad when you have harassment coming in from your parents. I wouldn’t like to discuss openly as to what we went through when we were with them, but we trust that they’ll suffer the same pain they put us through on purpose. Picture this, you know abusive people around you, and they might be in their teens or early thirties now, then after a while they become parents and they are still their shitty self, you think their children will ever be able to come out of the abusive life they will see around them? You will never preach to these kids to stick to their parents, because it is only agreeable to have zero respect for people who are abusive, it should never make you feel that it is okay to be abused by your parents or older relatives because you should have manners to shut up when they are shouting and tearing you down. No. You are an individual and even a parent should know when to stop. Being a parent doesn’t give you the license to kill your kids. We are all individuals.

This is our first art video. The first artwork to get filmed by us. This video is a reflection of what we did when were in school, college, and even now. We breathe art. We think of painting like it is the only purpose we were created for. We do not think we are best at what we do, because we are just two drops in the ocean of artistry. You can never be artist if you are not humble, and every artist will come across other artists who draw better or ideate better. Not all artists understand each other. We are born different, we see differently. But in all our differences all we can do is celebrate our individuality. Don’t keep practising like you are learning by heart, don’t mug up art, create as you go, be in the moment and take the stage. Art is not a stress buster for us, it is our life.

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New Year Wishes 2018

Tired? A little. No.  A lot!

2018, you guys!!!!!!!! Wishing you all a Happy New Year! 1st Jan happens to be our Blue Boy’s birthday too! Our second baby bird joined our family on this day four years back, we can’t thank this universe enough for letting us be bird moms ❤

We’ve been laughing and greeting since morning, and just wrapped up everything for the day, sitting tired ,with a bowl of fruits and updating blogs. The night is silent right now, music has stopped in the neighborhood, January 1st is fading away. We began with the Covenant Mass in the morning, and what a great service it was. Beginning the year with prayers and meeting parish members, clicking photos at church , and coming back home for lunch.

This year, we hope you stay away from toxicity, may you be as far as possible from medicinal toxicity, food toxicity, and social toxicity . Do not let toxic people in, who are always draining you by being narcissistic. We hope you love fearlessly with no game plan, no planning and plotting and mathematical calculations. Love is of the soul, attachments need efforts, we hope you give love and get loved soulfully. We hope you become proactive when it concerns animals and plants. They need us, this earth wouldn’t be the same without our animal and plant kingdoms. Stop animal and plant abuses (yes, plants are abused too, make sure you don’t rip off every leaf of a plant just because it is being cultivated in your kitchen patch ). May you be creative and also respect other artists belonging to any and all genres of art of the universe. Be concerned and pain no one. We hope you have a blessed and fruitful year ahead, minus the self abuse. Amen.


May 2018 be a year of victories for all of us. Let’s be victorious ❤

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Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas from ours to yours ❤ Christmas is not a single day event, we have the whole Advent season and the post-Christmas days that are equally important as well. 25th of December is never a wrap-up of the event, it continues next month, at least for the first two weeks of January. We meet friends and families, every parish comes up with different carol-singing competitions and other Christmas events right after 25th. Parish picnics and other gatherings are rampant, so the blog pics will have to wait, the vlog will have to wait. But here are some pics from Christmas morning Mass, we love taking part in the Eucharistic celebration at St. Stephen’s Church every year on this day. We know some of our core relatives and friends are always annoyed as to why we go to a protestant church and not the catholic church when we are Catholics ourselves, well, as for that, let’s not deviate from the reason of the season, Christ is Christ, let’s unite in the name of Christ, we are all brothers and sisters in faith no matter what Christian denomination you belong to. Christmas is always an emotional time, especially for the faithful, we miss our loved ones who are no more with us, we miss our friends, we miss the smell all the bakeries used to emit near our convent. Let Christmas renew that special promise of life that conquers death and heals our wounds.

We hope to post all about our Christmas videos before the end of 2017, wish us good luck 🙂


We wish you a Merry Holly Jolly Christmas ❤

We hope you welcome Christ into your life , May His life and ministries help you push through hard times, May He heal your soul so you can love fearlessly and in return get real love from others too. May God’s Love be with you all. May you love this universe and feel like Christ felt for the entire world. Amen.

Happy Holiday Season ❤

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Brand Olishna Christmas Artworks 2017

Christmas weekend incoming!

Okay, so it is getting cold outside (and inside) , but Christmas is still so pretty and thematic you can’t blame the winter season. I do hope for a warmer weather this 25th because I might be a winter-lover but I really hate sore throat. Before you think about suggesting herbal remedies and tea, let me tell you I am at it for hours, but I still sound like a man (no offense but I really like my original voice, not to mention it is paining so much! ). Then I got a stuffy nose. Bleh! Christmas is hottest thing every year for us. We’ve been waiting for the Church choir come and visit us for carol singing, if you are a church goer you will know that the whole parish loves to flock at everyone’s place one night at a time. So much for the carols in the air! My throat! Also, My hands are freezing, but I will not deter from posting tonight, haha.

If you are a new visitor, first up, welcome to our style/beauty/food/travel blog ❤ We always love interacting with people on Instagram , so do check us out there 🙂 As for the ones who’ve been following us for a while now, you guys know that we are painters first. Drawing or Illustrating isn’t just passion for us, we breathe art, it is life to us. We were forced to give up art but we relapsed and there’s no turning back now. Our life circles around everything art, we were never inspired to take this path or learned drawing from anyone, we are just visionaries who want to draw and draw and draw until the day comes when we depart to meet our creator. We started drawing way before we learned our alphabets or started writing. Like most children inclined to take the art path, we’ve come from drawing abstract crooked lines to fashion and beauty illustrations. We also draw wedding and food illustrations but today I wanted to share some of the 2017 artworks dedicated to this fun and pious event of Christmas.


You can place your order by just emailing us or ask us to draw a custom illustration for you via DM on Instagram . Please note that we are not taking Christmas orders now, we are accepting Easter or other custom artwork orders though. Please stop by our shop here, Email us at if you like anything from our shop.

Magazines and collaborators please visit our art blog Brand Olishna for any business or features.

Here’s hoping you all love art and love what we are sketching these days. Hope you have a great day and enjoy this Christmas season ❤ Spread the love and please don’t bully anybody, respect the universe and all the animal and plant kingdom, because what’s there not to love? What good is Christmas if we are forgetting the purpose of Christ’s life?

Thank you guys for being the amazing people that you are ❤

Email for business or Christmas greetings at

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TIPS MUSIC Christmas Classics

Yas, Christmas Time! Who is ready to rock and roll this Christmas? Mistletoe and Silver Bells! If you didn’t read about the Christmas music posts here , here, and there then please do check them out first 🙂 Today we wanna share about another music CD that makes our Christmas bright ❤


This is like a non-stop track disc, we had the audio cassette before we bought the CD, yes, the old cassettes . There is only one simple pause when it switches from side A to side B in the cassette and a pause when it transitions from song number 10 to 11. These classics are sung by other singers and not the original artistes here by the way.



This is an oldie but a goodie ❤ We particularly love the album cover , so cute with the pretty motifs ❤ And titled perfectly, we still call it “Joy to the world CD ” in the family.

This CD is all about the music, peppy and dance themed, so if you want a catchy Christmas eve, go berserk with this one (or something similar if you don’t have this exact CD ) . Used to be produced and marketed by TIPS , no clue whether this one is still in the market, but love it so much!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend, Christmas is just one week away! If you can’t stop thinking about Christmas here’s how you can add more to the excitement, follow us on this blog and on Instagram so you don’t miss a thing!

Email for business or just wish us “Merry Christmas” at 🙂

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Christmas Playlist | Sony BMG CD 3

Okay, guys! It has been a tough ten-days run, with no computer! Technically, there was no Motherboard! Mercury Retro playing nasty, but we got things fixed and what was supposed to be published ten days back will be posted right now.

Just a week to go – CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!

But if you are a Christmas fanatic you know that Christmas is not just one day thing, the days prior to 25th and the post-Christmas days are hectic and also when the true spirit of Christmas is overtly strong. The chill in the air, the tears and smiles, things get emotional. While people are going through so much around this time of the year, we are no exception, we are pulling the baggage along with you too. But, nonetheless, music is a healer, music is your medicine. Christmas stress is adding up!  Here’s our last CD in this series: (check out the previous two track lists here and here )


This is my favorite of the three CDs , well, the songs are the cutest on this disk! “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” by Boyd is such a darling of a song! Even though this song was banned first, we think this is such a beautiful Christmas love song when kids get to see the love between their parents while the dads are dressing up as Santa and moms are just watching their kids have fun while winking at the man of the family dressed all Kris Kringle!

Ray Conniff, The Brothers Four, Bobby Vinton, Johnny Cash, these guys just make our Christmas mood light up every evening! Say, you guys must have heard “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” ?No? Another fun song from Elmo & Patsy that your grandma will either loathe or sing along with you ❤ haha

“The Christmas Tree” is another favorite on the track list, but you guys need to listen to these songs if you haven’t! We know there are tons of covers out there and some are really that good, but classics are classics ❤


Here’s the holographic lettering on the disk, see the ” 3 ” mentioned beside the year! See the previous two songlists here and here.


The Song List

  1. White Christmas – Tammy Wynette
  2. Mary’s Boy Child – The Brothers Four
  3. Go Tell It On The Mountain – Mahalia Jackson
  4. Here Comes Santa Claus – Ray Conniff
  5. Jingle Bells – Bobby Vinton
  6. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – Johnny Cash
  7. Winter Wonderland – Aretha Franklin
  8. The Christmas Tree – Bobby Vinton
  9. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus – Jimmy Boyd
  10. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer – Elmo & Patsy
  11. Happy Holiday / The Holiday Season – The Manhattan Transfer
  12. That Special Time Of Year – Gladys Knight & The Pips
  13. Silent Night – Charlotte Church

Hoping you guys are already feeling the Christmas miracle around you, we hope you love fearlessly with zero profit motive and give extra effort to make things happy and beautiful ❤ Have a sweet weekend!

Please drop an email at for business queries or to just say “Merry Christmas” ❤ 🙂

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Christmas Playlist | Sony BMG CD 2

Welcome back to today’s Christmas post! Last night we posted about one of the favorite Christmas CDs we have (check it out here ) , and tonight we are posting about the second in the series. This second compilation starts with Christina Aguilera’s rendition of The Christmas Song. With her big voice, Christina sets the mood for another classic ride. We love Gene Autry’s Frosty The Snowman ❤ (Say, do you love binge watching Frosty The Snowman film? We can’t do without animation movies during Christmas ❤ ). In 2007, this was the first time I heard Santa Baby , and thank God it wasn’t the Taylor Swift version that introduced me to this gem of a song. Eartha Kitt’s version is my favorite, followed by The Pussycat Dolls cover. No offence, but I don’t like how Taylor Swift sang it.

Il Divo ❤ Can any perfect Christmas playlist be complete without them? Just like The Three Tenors, who also happen to have inspired the formation of Il Divo and also feature on this list, the Il Divo boys bring a grand closure to this playlist. O Holy Night is the last song on this CD ( 1st song on the first CD, if you missed it yesterday read it here ).

With songs from Sinatra, Art Garfunkel, Macy Gray , and Johnny Mathis, you can only imagine how grand the playlist sounds, bringing in Christmas tunes that will fill your rooms with vintage Christmas cheer.


And the holographic label of the album . Note that the second CD has hyphenated numerical “2” written after the year.


We love that this CD is all about the greens in Christmas, I think the red and green theme is so amazing about Christmas ❤  There you go, these are some of the best Christmas songs out there!

The Song List

  1. The Christmas Song – Christina Aguilera
  2. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S – Jim Reeves
  3. Silver Bells – Jerry Vale
  4. Frosty The Snowman – Gene Autry
  5. Jingle Bell Rock – Billy Gilman
  6. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – Gene Autry + The Pinafores (with orchestra)
  7. Let It Snow, Let It Snow , Let It Snow – Frank Sinatra
  8. Go Tell It On The Mountain – Jim Nabors
  9. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – The Brothers Four
  10. When A Child Is Born – Johnny Mathis
  11. Hallelujah, It’s Christmas – Roger Whittaker
  12. Joy To The World – Kenny G
  13. O Come All Ye Faithful – Art Garfunkel
  14. Feliz Navidad – The Three Tenors
  15. Winter Wonderland – Macy Gray
  16. Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
  17. Sleigh Ride – Andy Williams
  18. O Holy Night – Il Divo

Enjoy your day, everyone! Christmas is just around the corner ❤

Please drop an email at for business queries or to just say “Merry Christmas” ❤ 🙂

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Christmas Playlist | Sony BMG CD 1


First bomb of Christmas has been dropped! The first candle of the advent season has been lit ❤ The home is getting a cozier feel and festive look, we wish we had a fireplace here but I guess we’ll have to relocate and then get a fireplace, some geographical locations never get snow and fireplaces, spoils the whole winter flavor! ( at least for people like us who haven’t seen snow yet, yes, we don’t travel to far off places, so that will have to wait)

Have we started with the Christmas music yet? Yes siree! We have! Didn’t you already? If you know the power of internet then you must have some downloaded stuffs to listen to, but if you are a Christmas fanatic like us you sure do have some original CDs that you seriously take care of all the year ❤


Did you notice the “1” written on the CD label? Okay, here’s a secret, we have three CDs in this compilation series , all came in one sweet case. Tonight we are showing you the 1st CD playlist . This CD has Presley, Jessica Simpson, Boney M, and three of our favorites, BSB, A1 and *Nsync ❤ Why I skipped mentioning Wham! ?Well, by the time it comes to the end of the song list, Last Christmas is like “why did George Michael ever sing this song!” .

Don’t get me wrong but if you happen to be a frequent listener of Last Christmas, it does make you feel sleepy no matter what time of the day it is. Not to mention, it makes me feel dramatic , as though I should be ball-room dancing somewhere. That music in the song is contagious! But a classic, nonetheless. Why we love A1 and *Nsync? We love them since we were in school! And did you listen to the White Christmas acapella by A1 ? Love it! *Nsync scores high with The First Noel , love the beats, and Justin knows how to melt a heart ❤ And BSB, those boys always sing good ❤ Also, who remembers Clay Aiken? Oh, that guy was so cute! Mary, Did You Know is my favorite from his albums, did you listen to Pentatonix version of Mary, Did You Know ? Love the two versions ❤ . We’ve got Michael  Bolton, Luther Vandross , Cyndi Lauper here, so you have some vintage feels to get you sweet and comfy ❤

Play it when you are with friends, family, kids .


Sony BMG does not produce anymore of these I guess, this compilation is from 2007 (Sony BMG is no more, alas) , yup, this has been with us for a decade now. This Christmas we are celebrating ten years of this compilation in the family ❤ We love the whole look and package, wait till you see the other two CDs 🙂


If you see the inner core of the CD you’ll notice the holographic name of this compilation with the number “1” hyphenated right after the year 2007.

The Song List

  1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Luther Vandross
  2. O Holy Night – Michael Bolton
  3. Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord – Boney M.
  4. The Little Drummer Boy – Babyface
  5. White Christmas – A1
  6. Christmas Time – BSB
  7. Joy To The World – Clay Aiken
  8. Merry X-Mas Everybody – Steps
  9. Christmas Through Your Eyes – Gloria Estefan
  10. The Twelve Days Of Christmas – Harry Belafonte
  11. The First Noel – *Nsync
  12. Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley
  13. Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens
  14. Early Christmas Morning – Cyndi Lauper
  15. Jingle Bell Rock – Daryl Hall and John Oates
  16. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Michael Bolton
  17. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Jessica Simpson
  18. Please Come Home For Christmas – Lonestar
  19. Last Christmas – Wham !

There you go, people ❤ We’ll be showing you the second CD in this series tomorrow. Thanks for joining us, we will share more Christmasy stuffs all through the season, don’t forget to follow us 🙂

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Sweet Advent wishes and greetings to you all ❤

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