June Orange

🧡 While the days have been humid, the scorching sun and the unofficial rains played well in June, exactly how Livvy describes it , “unusual pattern of hotness and coldness “.

That’s why we have this orange theme for the month. Orange flowers from a nearby Flame Tree, that is ( under the Gulmohar tree, cold shade, and that fiery color of flowers, warm and pretty ). Orange is not our favorite color but we’d love to have more orange solid color outfits in our closet someday 🧡

🧡 Is orange your favorite? Not too bold like reds , not too meek like pinks 🙂 I try to stay away from yellows and orange tones but what have you got to lose if you have some of those colors in your life that you never found kinship with, yet 🙂

🧡 We planned to dedicate a definite color to each month this year. Check out the colors for Jan , Feb , March , April , May and let us know what your favorite color is in the comments. May be we feel like it and dedicate that very color to our July? Who knows?

🧡 Happy July, already! Enjoy!

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June 2018 and 2014

Some monsoon shots this month ❤


13th June will always be special for us. Four years ago, our baby blue budgie flew out of our home, right out the window. We know he wouldn’t do that, and our mom was fidgeting with the cage so it must have scared him out. And as soon as I heard his wings flutter so harsh and loudly I knew something happened! When you live with birds you just know something is wrong when they flap wings loudly. It was too loud for a little birdie. I ran to look out of the window, by that time our mom already screamed that he flew away in an attempt to look all innocent! The cage was wide open at the window! The birds brought the cage their and opened the latch, right? Yes, who else?

I was half naked, I just came out of the loo, and right when I was praying in that split-second moment to get a glimpse of that blue boy of mine…I saw him soar upwards. He was in my neighbor’s garden and I ran after him barefoot, out on the street, into my neighbor’s territory, made my way through the dense and dirty heck of a garden that my neighbor had, and their he was. Little blue bird with his back facing me ,with twigs and vines and leaves around him, as though he was lost, reading ancient Nature. I tried to get hold of him, but he escaped! I tried to grab him again, he flew away the second time! After half an hour of despair, when I couldn’t spot him anywhere I broke down. I stood there , crying. Thinking about what would happen to him, where could he be! There are millions of cats who would hunt him down, and he is so little!

My sister and I are attached to our birds. Like two mothers attached to two babies.

I came back home, my sister saw everything and was crying at home. Too stunned to even move. How could this happen to our boy! How could God let this happen to us! I was mentally going through all the prayers, asking almost every saint I knew to bring back our boy. My sister and I were sobbing, and hoping if only our baby would homeward. But how would a little bird know where home is?

“What if someone finds him and brings him back to us?” , my sister wept.

“I hope someone does! If only. I am praying. I hope someone finds him. I want him back.”, I said.

Miracles happen.

Few minutes later, our bird was seen searching for an entrance to our house. And he took a turn to another neighbor’s house where a bricklayer caught him. He brought something in his hand to me, and I asked, “Is he blue?” He said , “yes, but I didn’t see properly.”

That’s because he has grey wings and a blue belly. So he gives illusion of grey if you don’t see the belly first. He was brought in and let loose in the cage.

Fours years ago. It is St.Anthony’s Feast Day, and He is patron of all lost things and lost people, animals, pregnant women, the poor, travellers.

Miracles in life make you more faithful. You get a feeling that God is listening. Losing a child is a lot to bear. We hope this monsoon brings you  showers of blessings. Also, thanks to St.Anthony and St. Jude, again, for listening to our prayers. I now have a day job. I required a fixed job for a financial lift. As many of our readers know already, we were subjected to abuse and we literally are fighting every single day just to keep sane. We hope you continue to pray for us. Nothing would cool our hearts more than justice. Livvy and I will be posting here and on Instagram as often we can, so you wouldn’t have to worry about us going into MIA mode. We wanted to include pics of our babies too but we’d rather post a whole bunch of their photos on another post some other day ❤

Happy Mid Week, everyone!

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March Red

End of March! Happy Easter to everyone around the world! May the risen Lord be with you ❤ Sadly and unexpectedly, we are not going to celebrate the Holy Mass tomorrow, we both are unwell and allergies hit us hard yesterday. We’ll be wearing our Easter outfits some other day and post all about it on the blog later. We never miss Easter Mass but there is no other way out, we’re constantly sneezing, and I am all over the place as I type this post. Also, we don’t have a single phone that is working, we might have to get a new phone with new sim cards (our old numbers are not working either ). Talk about major mercury retrograde! But, always look on the bright side, this month highlights the color red , for Christ’s passion, and even though red is not my favorite color I can still say March is my favorite month because I am a March born babe. See here for my birthday outfit post!

Check out the colors of Jan and Feb if you haven’t already and don’t forget to follow us 🙂



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February Pink

Last month we started a trend of dedicating a color to every month, if you haven’t seen the color of January then please see it here 🙂

Welcome to our sweet little blog! How’s this Lenten season going on for you guys? So super excited for Easter already, not to forget the special day of Good Friday when even though it is a day of mourning but it is also a day we rejoice for the mission Christ accomplished , His passion and His teachings, and the fact that He died for us and the promise of everlasting life through Him, that is what we are all celebrating. Now, that’s all going to be majorly in March and April, but since Ash Wednesday was on St.Valentine’s Day this year we thought of wearing red to church , see here . And since it’d be too obvious to go with red, we chose the color pink to associate with February. These tiny flowers you see were clicked at church and it is a strong shade of pink, closer to fuchsia. We hope your February days were as bright as these flowers and hope you are having an amazing weekend 🙂


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January Green

Happy Wednesday! Ready for the weekend already?! Here’s one of the photos we took on 1st Jan that beautifully displays what we are feeling right now , fresh and rejuvenated! Every month we’ll be posting one nature photo as highlight about how we feel and what we saw. With all the style, beauty, and food pictures, we are also posting about things we appreciate around us. Don’t forget to follow us , we love you guys so much ❤


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Lovely as it is, the most beautiful time to photograph the sun, at least for us, is during the sunset. We can never be up that early for sunrise because of our work overload, but when we are out for evening walks we often take pictures and share it with you all.

We wish we had a better camera to capture the powerful beauty, but this is as close as we could get.

Here’s to another beautiful week ❤

Have a great day!

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The Walking Two

Happy Mid-October, y’all!

OMG, just fifteen days away from Halloween? Wait-a-minute!


Livvy turns 23 on 25th! Is the Scorpio season here yet? Oh Yas! Libra, move aside already!

It is almost Monday here, so we’re sharing one of our signature photographs that we take when we are out for an evening walk, you may have seen us photographing our feet together, if not then please join us on Instagram or Twitter to see more , we always take pics of our feet when walking, we love taking pictures of both of our feet in one frame to signify where we are at and how long we have walked together. Also, if you see closely, we are wearing same footwear. We know the focus is on the leaves but you can still notice the shoes are identical.  Walking and talking intensifies our sisterhood ❤ We take most of our beauty and outfit pics for the blog when we are out walking, the breeze outside just makes it all so much better! Might be October, but in India we don’t get to see all the beautiful fall colors, it is still green and fresh, yet some trees are always shedding and turning dry. So, fall is not a big season when you look at the plants, but the air is still crisp and heralding the heavy chill that will follow soon. We wish we could see all orange pumpkins turning into Jack-o’- lanterns here, but Halloween is still a private party where we live.

Here’s to another October Monday!

May you have a lovely start to the week ahead and find your bling shinning all over your Monday!

It is the Holiday season, of course it is! Fall is Halloween is Christmas! What else do you need, Summer? (Rhetoric joke!)

Keep walking and jiving!

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The only yellow we love is the Coldplay song. It is a sweet song, and we love Coldplay. Don’t go judging, we love club hits too. But that’s just to say that yellow is not one of our favorites. Hold it, we are not saying we have something against it , we just never felt passionately for the color. But when you look around you see such pretty shades of yellow in nature, especially now that it is fall. We love taking nature photos too when we are out snapping our outfit and beauty pictures for the blog.

You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see more of what we do, we promise to be up and running with YouTube by the end of this year. Girls hustling like big boys! Yeah, baby, women in the house do it best!

What’s gonna be the highlight of this month? Just ten more days to go and we are getting ready for October. Livvy’s birthday, Halloween, and what-the-Christmas!

2018, we coming at ya!

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The Month Of March 2017

March is a very special month for us. This photo taken by Livvy is from last year’s archives. We have about four months that have been very sweet to us. March, October, December, and January. March and October are months when Molly (me) and Livvy were born. December and January we got our bird kids (30th Dec and 1st Jan to be accurate). So, welcoming the March of 2017 is going to be fun! Lent starts on 1st March, which means fasting and eating lots of fruits. Ah, fruits are our favorite kind of foods. If anyone is bothered about extra flab, go fasting and don’t gobble when you feel the hunger, you will shed the kilos. But, fasting is spiritual, so don’t fast just for the sake of a diet plan. Fast only if you feel you are letting go of the gluttony, feeling oneness with the people who go without food because they cannot afford it. To purify yourself and not be just dependent on earthly food.

March, as I mentioned, is my birthday month. So, we never have meat in the house during lent. And lent is always during March. Now that Livvy and I have been sticking to no-meat lifestyle, it doesn’t matter at all. Earlier, when we used to have meat we had to wait for the Lent to get over and only celebrated on Easter Sunday. After we gave up meat we started gorging on fruits every day, and celebrate anything with fruits and chocolates. This year, my birthday falls on a full moon Sunday. It was a full moon night when I was born in 1990, and I am so thrilled to have a full moon birthday this year. People who don’t like moon and nightly starry dreams won’t get my excitement, but I am looking forward to sweet moonbeams ❤

March used to be horrific month of school exams , but now no more. I remember going to school to take an exam on my birthday too! But gone are those bad days. That’s the best part of being 27? I turn 27 in about three weeks. And I am still that girly Pisces, glitter hugging my life. I have a Scorpio sister with me (Livvy is a Scorp) and we enjoy being the creative women that we are. March also signifies the start of our art business, we are officially releasing the design of our business/contact cards. We thought of getting it all printed but then we are sticking to handmade cards. Since we are all for hand drawn stuffs, we are making cool business cards for ourselves, and if you like those you can place order with us so we can make you awesome cards as well. Don’t forget, we draw just about anything. We will sell original artworks first and then we’ll start off with clothing, mugs, tote bags, caps.

We are also getting ready to start with our story writing, AGAIN. I have been neglecting The Librettist for weeks and we both are just two women who, currently sick, are trying to make a living. Blocks in the head just refuse to go! But, you gotta keep the engine running, more so when you are women in a very abusive world. I cannot thank you all enough for showing your support, constantly hitting the follow button, expressing how you love our lifestyles. Even though it is my voice you keep listening to, Livvy is more or less saying the same stuff right behind me. With a much heavier slang tone. Because the situation we are in is making us angry for letting the abusive people run the show for too long. Here’s to a grand month of March. We hope for a better March. And now we need to take our cough medicine because we are really really ill. So I’m going to get off WordPress asap after publishing this, I can’t keep coughing at my computer screen. You know how nasty cough and cold can be? The body aches. Blame it to the water element zodiacs that we are! Haha, the weather change is always bad! Anyway, stick to our blog and we’ll bring you nice yummy food updates to follow this Lent.

With love and light and lots of coughing. Oh, sorry! I just need to cough.

Have a nice week!

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Abuse and Stuffs


Why is it that some people just can’t handle a single opinion? Why do some people shift blame on to others? Why play with someone’s mind at all? Fun? Funny? Some people like that they have the power to drive someone insane, to the point where a person will feel suicidal. And suicides, to some mean people, is like a comedy on repeat! Someone is always dying, so you laugh. You laugh and someone dies. While some may just use the word “suicide” to just threaten, I am not even interested to speak to that sort of people and least bothered if those people are reading this who feel suicide is for the weak ones, for people who take life lightly. As a born Roman Catholic I know that suicide is taking me to hell, if I commit it that is. I am not promoting self throttling or self wrist slashing. I am just saying, that, people who go through massive negative emotions triggered by someone else who is so calculative you should actually laugh at. Because that person who is framing your suicidal mind is the one who deserves this sea of negativity, not you or me who are feeling suicidal every moment now. Abuses : what a collective term for things so greatly hurt us! Abuses from parents, from the opposite gender, from the people of your own gender. Because abuses come in from all sides even to people who seem strong and big. The abuser is always calculating. They don’t self-check. We all have a self-check switch, and we all self-analyze ourselves. I don’t step out of the home without eyeliner, I don’t. Well, today I did, because I didn’t want to look too pretty for the bank employees. See? We all self-analyze about how to be and why to be and what to be, to show and set standards. The abuser’s self-check mechanism is always on high alert. Never take their excuses as authentic, because they aren’t. The abuser wants to fool you, fool you into doing things that would make you feel bad and hurt yourself. So instead of punching that abuser down all you do is break your own jaw! They will never support you, but tear you down, and they come in disguised as anyone they want! Wow, what a psycho-therapist!!! They just don’t have any valid excuse for anger, because you are always good to them! You flip it around to imitate what they do, and they will play the role of victim in front of others! Ah, liars! Abusers are not just there to mess up with you, they always love hurting children and animals too. Depression is the key weapon. PATHETIC!

How can we all identify an abuser? THINK! LIKE SOMEONE IS TRYING TO FOOL YOU. It is a math problem, the process looks tricky but the answer to big sums were always 0 in math books. Remember that always. It is easy when you identify an abuser real fast. Think as though what you would do if you were in the abuser’s shoes. A guy not texting and you see him commenting on somebody’s pic? That’s an abuse too. If someone wants attention in love then that is justified, so the guy is just ignoring to hurt you. Back off anyway! You don’t need someone calculating your reaction for you. If someone can’t say upfront that you are not his love then he better stay alone with his sly nature. Your mother constantly pestering you? Yup, that’s your abuser right there! Not all moms are taking care of their kids, not all moms nag because they really care for you, some do but some don’t. Our mom is one such abuser! She has another story to say now. She wants us to sleep with our father and us revolting against it makes her angry. Should she be dead by now? Whatever!

Why am I talking about abuses? Because Livvy and I are facing real hard abuses at home, and it is happening right here in Kolkata. I am sure many people go through many forms of abuses, I am not a person who feels happy to see my own sorrow as small because someone else is having a more horrific moment. So sorry, I believe in giving importance to self, and you can never say one sorrow is greater than the other sorrow. Sorrows cannot be weighed that way. You feel it, you get hurt, you cry. Tears are real, mine and yours. This photo you see was taken when my sis and I went out to photograph my ootd post here . Was a good day because my sis and I feel happy to go out on walks. That’s the only time we can talk to each other, at home we are not allowed to talk. We are not “living” when we are at home. Hopefully, we can shift sometime soon. Please pray for people who are the real victims and keep processing your mind, so you don’t fall prey to abusers. Check out a short article I wrote on our current state here. Love and Light to all ❤

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