Thanksgiving Food 2017

Well, Thanksgiving was last week ( Throwback post , y’all ), and December is TOMORROW! Oh, whaaat? Yas, Christmas is here you guys! The biggest festival for us! Can we get more time? No! Just about two weeks to see everything is well done because if you leave out things for the last minute, chances are, you will forget to bake enough fruit cakes! And as bloggers, we are always looking forward to creating great photos to share, even when we don’t have a clear concept chalked out. But Christmas is big, so you better think quick. The food, the clothes, the accessories, the decor, the venue, the church pics, the people visiting you, and then there are sub-headings for each categories, like the Food – which is – get the recipe or make one up by yourself, get ingredients, make ingredients if you don’t get to buy them, get the plates, cook/bake, think of the colors you want to show in pics, get the table set up, the lights, check if anyone is allergic to what you are cooking/baking, and so on! The Decor- buy new lights because old lights are in trash, get new trees, get flowers, buy candles, buy balloons because we are still kids (who doesn’t like balloons? get out! ) , make lovely DIY decor, take time to decorate whole room/house. I could go on and on, but Christmas panic is real! Can we put the Christmas playlist together? ( Christmas playlist coming up on the blog! We have over thousand Christmas songs and carols that make for lovely holiday mood )

But, let’s put Thanksgiving food up on this post, well, that’s what this post is about! My Christmas excitement is running wild, please excuse my leaping-like-a-teenager joy.

We will post the recipes on the blog later.


The food looks yummy, right? It tasted amazing too! ❀ Christmas food will be even better! We promise!

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Love you all ❀ Have a great weekend!

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November Foods

Thanksgiving hugs to everyone! While many are pouring out the bubbly, and people love boozing like it is water that they are drinking, we believe it is time for a more healthy lifestyle. Because, no matter how long you’d like to debate, booze is still booze and it can never come close to healthy foods that you should take in. Christmas is just around the corner, it will be wise to brace ourselves and not burst our livers! We have noticed that no matter how well the Eat Clean hashtags go on , people will still be ridiculed for having a clean life , for giving up on unhealthy practices, and preaching the no-booze theories. Technically, too much sugar and alcohol and gallons of oil won’t get you anywhere, can you really promise to be less hypocrite when it comes to your new born baby? Sure, alcohol is great, why don’t you give it to your baby instead of milk? Just a suggestion, if you think alcohol does SO GOOD!

Now, if you are believer of good foods, please stick around. If not, please find your local pub? Or get off your devices and drink?

Vegan or not, you must have seasonal veggies in your diet. Things are getting real global and advanced with the “seasonal” thing being ruled out because, well, you do get frozen peas when it is not pea season πŸ™‚

And hey, we love things fresh and green, we do!

You don’t need mommy telling you to eat your veggies.

You are a foodie, you love veggies ! We all eat! Add those vegetables to your meat or just have a vegetable special dish, no rules apply!

Winters bring tons of veggies you can add to your food platter, pick yours and fill your tummy ❀




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Have a sweet weekend, y’all ❀

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November Veggies

Tonight we are sharing some of the latest veggies we are having this season! We clicked pics of some raw uncooked veggies, food photography looks yummy too! Look at these colors!


Wish we could say these are from our garden, but all we have in the garden is a chilli plant. We can’t wait to relocate and start with a grand vegetable patch of our own!

So, these are some of the new stuffs in, tomatoes are always available but well, they make a picture look good, haha πŸ™‚

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Have a great start to the week ❀

Eat healthy and good, everybody πŸ™‚

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Saturday Brunch

Brunch ideas, anyone?

We are not early risers. We are so proud of it that if you have us over for dinner and we stayed at your place we’d not leave bed early morning. I would never blame our school and work life for it. If you know already, this world has humans with different body clocks. No matter how early we got to bed we’ll always wake up at around 10 o 11 in the morning. School hours were horrible, we are so glad we don’t need to follow that cruel routine anymore!

Also, we are water zodiacs, we are night babies. We can never love the scorching sunlight. HAHA.

So, when my sis and I wake up, it is usually late morning early afternoon. And we don’t like heavy breakfasts. We like our brunch items light and yummy. I whip up fruit smoothies at times, Livvy makes sandwiches or salad. She made this lovely meal you see as the cover pic here. What you need is something fresh and yummy to strat the day. And home made stuffs are the best any day!

How do you like your first meal of the day? Do you think about your breakfasts too much, what to eat or not to eat? Or do you like late breakfasts like us? Livvy and I were discussing that we should blog about some awesome brunch ideas you could follow and also make nice stuffs at home for your kids!

Hope you guys are having a lovely Saturday/Sunday, wherever you are! ❀

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May Play | Eating Fresh

The purpose of having food is never pleasure centric. We feel, food is more for sustenance. And taste, although sensual, is temporary. We cannot recall how exactly the taste of a food was, but we just keep a generalized memory of it with us. What we must strive for is to have clean and fresh foods, your primary need is not to have food for yummy taste but to keep your system nourished. We always pick foods that taste great, no problem in that! But the problem arises when you compromise, because no matter how great your plate looks you should never have something that is not clean or fresh. I am not talking about cooked foods, some food recipes require time for a great taste. Fruits and veggies that you can have raw on the other hand cannot be cut and put aside to be had later. If you must slice it and keep, make sure you do so in a healthy way. Do not keep the slices out in the open for reactions to form or fleas to gather around. Summers are evil when you stay in countries like India. My sister and I make sure we have lots of fruits (smoothies are our favorites!) . We love having a fruit based lifestyle. The picture as the cover photo of this post is from one such day when we planned to have All-Fruits-Brunch. Switching to a fruit based meal plan can help you bring in a beautiful change. I personally feel like I am closer to a big fruit garden or something! πŸ™‚

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Miss Pink Bun Hoppy and Watermelon Smoothie | Easter Bunny


Watermelon Smoothie Alert!!! Oh, did our blog title give the secret away? Haha, If you have read our previous home made drink recipe here you sure do know we love blending fruits and smoothie our life! We bring to you another easy fruit drink you can have at anytime of the day, especially now that it is summer in India we are drinking smoothies all day! Oh, do you notice a sweet bunny? Our sugar fairy baby is making a debut tonight on this blog! Wooohooooo!!!!

Everybody, welcome Miss Pink Bun Hoppy! She has red round eyes and a pretty pink nose. I stitched her ears improperly when I was about 8 or 9, and our baby’s been stuck with one droopy ear since. But she doesn’t care, she feels her droopy ear makes her look more of a sugar bomb than any bunny in the Easter bunnyland!


You can see how she is sniffing that glass full of yummy watermelon drink ❀ But how did mommy make it?

If you have kids at home, or you wanna have it alone or with friends and family, you gotta make this fruit drink ! You’ll LOVE it!

Here’s What You Need :

  1. WatermelonsΒ  : As much as you like or depending on how many people you are serving.
  2. Milk : The milk will make the color, if you need it to be real pink then go for less milk. If you want a white color or faded pink then go for more milk. But don’t make it just too much of milk versus less watermelons because that will only make it very runny. Your child might be allergic to milk so you can just omit milk from the recipe if you don’t want milk. Or go for different milks available in the market, as per your choice.
  3. Blending : Add the watermelon slices and milk and two spoons of squash( Squash of the same or any other fruit would do or use any fruit sauce/syrup)Β  in the jar and blend. Pour it all out.
  4. Squash : See the red blood like drops on top (in the pic below)? Yeah, that’s not blood, that’s grape squash (undiluted) . You can just add that drop by drop on top to decorate after you’ve poured the blended mix in your glasses.
  5. You can use nuts, raisins, other sweet fruits, honey, or anything that fancies your heart!
  6. If you do not have squash use jam or jelly instead! Or a strawberry sauce/syrup? Even that would do the trick!


See the next pic, Your mess will look like this before blending πŸ™‚


Enjoying the summer, are we? Nah! If you are in India you cannot love summers! Livvy and I are so tired of the mosquitoes that keep hunting us down every summer! We are allergic to mosquito bites and we get heat pimples every summer. It is very important to keep the system cool and hydrated in countries like India. Hopefully, everyone reading this will add fruits to your meals and get more actively involved in encouraging everyone around to take in good fluids.

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Livvy & I are behind schedule already, we have an appointment with Scooby Doo. Yes, we are watching some old Scooby Doo episodes to lift our mood, before we get busy with some paintings that will soon be on our art Instagram for everyone to purchase.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend, so what if it is Thursday? πŸ˜‰

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Meals For Lent | What to eat and drink when fasting during Lent

Hello, everybody! Well, this weekend is turning the heat up, literally! It is no more spring here, Kolkata is a burning summer right now. We promised to share some of the recipes we are following this Lenten season. So, today we are posting about a cold drink you can prepare at home and have with your family,kids and friends. Takes just few seconds to make! Yes, that easy!

What are the stuffs you give up when fasting during lent? I remember giving up chocolates, and I have been away from chocolates for a long long time. Years, actually. Today’s recipe requires you to have some chocolates at home. People might say chocolates are luxury items and you cannot have those during Lent, but as devout Catholics all we can say is there is no hard and fast rule as to what you should eat and should not. Many Christians don’t observe fasting at all. It is a personal choice, you can give up any food item you love during the Lent and offer it to God. Our God is understanding and He wouldn’t mind if you are not giving up chocolates. We do not eat meat, it has been years this way. That’s a personal decision. Christians often go vegan during this time and it is advisable to do so, at least during this time, to be one with the 40 days of fast Christ observed.Β  But it is the faith that matters, if you do not fast it doesn’t turn you into our enemy. Do not start fasting for long hours if you are not used to it, try increasing the hours gently day after day. You may not give up any food at all, fasting can be of any type, you may give up watching Television for this season. The goal is to be independent of over-eating, over exposed to wrong media, to be calm and still in presence of the Lord.


Fruits are a great way to get the fasting started, you can opt to have more fruits or fruit based preparations. Like us, you can introduce a cold drink in your Lent meal plan.

Here’s what you will need :

1.Pomegranates – Get the arils out first. Take as much as you want. We took two pomegranates for serving two of us.

2.Milk – Two glasses if you are serving two people, three glasses if serving three, and so on.

3.Sugar- You do need lots of sugar if you want it real sweet, so you can use honey or sugar substitutes.

4.Chocolate powder- Two large spoons if serving two, increase it by one spoon if you have a third person joining the party.

5. Blend it all together!

6. Pour it out! Add ice cubes! Or just leave it in the fridge to get it chilled before serving!

You can add almonds, nuts, other fruits to make this smoothie. You can also add choco sauce or cream to it! Play it up and decorate, because your kids will love it!


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Thanksgiving Meal 2016

You know how it is when you live in India, a typical Anglo-Catholic family in West Bengal, and you celebrate Thanksgiving : The food is Indianized . Livvy made all of this herself, I did help her out but she totally deserves the credit for coming up with her own recipes and cooking the whole meal. I am still burping. We shopped for ingredients the night before Thanksgiving and you can now scroll down to see the yummy photos πŸ™‚ We promise to post the recipe soon ❀ Prawn Fried Rice, Chicken Curry, Prawn Curry, Salad , and there are two Cakes we baked for the Post-Thanksgiving Day (Black Friday) ❀

(Note that we are do not eat meat, the chicken was made for the parents, and no… we did not sit at the same table to have the meal together as a family. We did have the prawns, we take sea food for proteins once in a while so our menstruation flow is proper, yes we did have problems with low protein intake when we stopped taking meat suddenly. Coming back to the part why we don’t have family meals anymore. Our parents feel so pathetic about their two daughters being bloggers that they do not talk to us anymore. Nonetheless, Livvy and I take turns to make the food because apparently they want to see us working less as bloggers and more as maids. Cooking your own food or for family does not make you a maid, but when you have bad parents who just want to do the Cinderella-syndrome with you by working reverse psychology and making you work all day, you need to take them out. I know how people will always come up with “Why don’t you leave the hell house and put up somewhere else?” Like, where? Would you help us out with the lodging? With the allergies we have I am skeptical about re-locating unless I am very convinced my sis and I will be in a much better state than where we are right now. To add to that, our “dad” is a devil, who feels sexually for his daughters and have been abusive always. You needn’t feel sorry, you just need to believe us… that such situations are real. So, this Thanksgiving we are no more silent, we make it clear that we know what home-politics goes on, all the snide remarks our parents put in, all the obstacles they make us go through will never destroy the passion and determination we both feel for blogging and sketching. Thankful for the emotional balance, and the defense mechanism God built in us to never be manipulated by others. )

Please feel free to comment if you love the food we prepared πŸ™‚


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Livvy and I want to start a restaurant and bakery someday, like, maybe in five years? Hahaha πŸ™‚

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Sister Blogger Bond

These are my feet. The ones with fish henna design. Hi, I am Molly. The one who writes mostly, and yes, I am a Pisces, evolved one. My sister, Livvy, is the one who does the “ok tested” part for all posts before I hit “PUBLISH” button. Those are her feet, with spiral swirly Scorpio tower design. She is the one who models mostly, I am extremely camera shy, but If you know me well you will know I am slowly loving the selfie game. My sister and I are twins, well, that’s what the world thinks. I am elder to her but I am shorter, so no one gets to know who is older. We wear the same sizes, the only size that differs is our shoe size. I have tiny feet and even photographs don’t register that. We have same features, but people who meet us in person know who is who. We, more or less, have the same choices and opinions. But we do have differences. We meet each other half way when we cannot resolve something. That is, safe to say, a very well thought solution to anything. Meet me half way.

As two women who have their own set of beliefs and two different thought processes we feel working together should come easy. Not because we are related, being sisters does not influence our way of thinking or preferences. But because we appreciate each other and strive to find a common ground. Even when common grounds don’t appear we are left with appreciation for differences. How cool can you be when you work with someone who is totally opposite to your ways? Such situations occur, at office, home, roads, everywhere. We all face people who are different from us, and then we find people who might be exactly like us (some who may pretend to be like us and win us over) or people who are not exactly like us but also not contrary to our composition either. When it comes to sharing projects, home, work, kitchen, you have to remember one thing. Work hand in hand. We cannot shoulder the entire responsibility and cripple ourselves, we also shouldn’t hog the whole limelight. Share the burden like you share the glory. Team work depends on building the bond. Like, I write, she verbally edits. I shoot, she suggests. She models, I tell her to smile. She cooks, I do the dishes.

We, as bloggers, plan together and have fun together. We, as artists, sketch out our own individual series. We need to let each other be happy in our own creative world before we think of mashing together under one banner. One needs to keep in mind that the individuality of all the members working as a team must not be lost, and also to synchronize the different energies together.

Here, at Livvy & Molly, we are sharing a picture so meaningful to our existence. How we, as sisters and working women, love to celebrate our female energies. This photo also shows off our henna love and how we love herbs and veggies. πŸ™‚

Stay healthy and network well ❀ See our new fruity love here πŸ™‚

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Water Caltrop Lunch

We love fruits! Who wouldn’t!? We have our own choices but fruits, in general, are loved by all! A plate full of buffalo nuts! We LOVE these! Where would we be without fruits! As food and beauty bloggers we love thriving on fruits. Easier to digest, Easiest to serve! Haha. When you have less time to cook, and the work is pouring in, you count on fruits to save your health. Lovely buffalo nut colors, right? Hope to get some more tomorrow as well from the market.

Enjoy a fruity meal this week and beyond πŸ™‚

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Have a great time, people!

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