Jeans and Florals | Summer Look | Livvy

Shake that thang, because Mondays need major shaking! Hey y’all, welcome to another outfit post , and a huge thanks to all our recent followers! Every time we publish our posts we see talented bloggers such as yourself reading, liking, and following our little blog here. We are so excited to reach the 250 milestone, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. I am Molly, I am the one who rants here usually, and right now my sis, Livvy, is taking a quick nap before she makes our dinner. We both compile our stuffs here but if there is anyone who is left with the job to sit and write then that’s me! I write serious sh*t and Livvy needs to be off computer to make food and make bed. Two sisters need to do their own stuff, and we do take turns. Just like earlier today you saw my outfit post here, and now let’s check out what Livvy wore to church on Sunday. It is still summery here and florals are not just spring motifs, come on! So, she chose this combo and I love how my baby sis styled it.


Do you love cobalt blue or light blue jeans? Livvy’s ruffle floral top is bomb, don’t you think? Here’s to the florals of summer ❤

Outfit Details

Jeans | Newport (Arvind Lifestyle) | here

Shirt | Honey | here

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Have a great Monday!

Love you all ❤

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Jeans and Florals | Summer Look | Molly

Yasss! We made it! Boys and Girls, it is Sunday! Or, was Sunday, if you are located near our part of the world. July is a crazy month that goes crazy at least when it comes to the weather. It is raining but you still got summer heat. If you are reading our blog for a while now you already know we are two sisters who run this and are always on crunch time. We cook, broom, wash, dust, paint, and binge watch cartoons together.

Hi, I am Molly, elder sis of Livvy, and welcome to our little blog where we share about out lifestyle, beauty, and food habits. Today I am sharing what I wore to church, I never tuck in my shirts or tops, so this one is a first time try. I also never owned a pair of jeans that’s inky blue. Broke two rules in a day, haha. My floral shirt adds a pop of pink hue to the look ❤ And pony tails never looked so cute on me, trust me! I am like, wear a watch and a bangle and few rings, Done! Clean look for summer days!


I love wearing wedge heels, and because I am always in jeans, this skinny pair got me feeling happy all day! This pair of jeans will make you feel comfy even when going karate on any guy you catch cat-calling, just to say it is like your own skin! (And, there were guys who did make a pass at me, rude boys got a verbal lesson there from me right then! )

Do you love dark color jeans? I always stick to light blues/ dark blues or grays and black but never ink blue. How do you like my look?

Click links below to see what brand I am wearing ❤

Outfit Details

Jeans | Newport (Arvind Lifestyle) | here

Shirt | Honey | here

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Enjoy your weekend, people! Let’s roll!

Love you all ❤

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Indian Outfit 2017 | Molly

Hey, I am Molly, and welcome to our little blog. You just saw my sister’s outfit post, this one is my ootd post featuring the summer Indian outfit. I explained a little in the previous post about what we are wearing. Because we have majority of our readers from outside India , many people may not know what a Kurti or a Kurta is. It is a long top or tunic like garment you wear on top and pair it with leggings or jeans. Goes perfect for all weathers and the prints are always amazing. You buy branded ones or low priced, it all looks pretty when worn in summer. I’d say it again, I pose in a weird manner, please excuse my expressions and selfies, I smile at camera like it is my boyfriend. Sick, yeah? Enjoy my Libas kurti outfit post and find more about what I wore here.


I love earrings, so I chose to wear some ornate ones.



Everyone would agree these kurtis have good prints and colors. I am particularly used to wearing more jeans and shirts, so I am always feeling uneasy because of zero pockets. You will also find kurtis with pockets in the market, I am yet to find a good one with pockets though. With cotton as material you can hardly go wrong!

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Love you all ❤

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Indian Outfit 2017 | Livvy

Hey, people! Happy July! Hope you guys are doing great, but if you are like us and have our kinda life then things are probably not THAT great as it should be, it is only July and the weather is really playing havoc here. Livvy and I are so tired of the wicked thunderstorms and recurrent heat. That’s why you see very less of outfit posts lately because the heat is killing us, we can hardly even think of posing happily wearing our outfits. Anyhoo, who’s up for some Indian outfit alert? We love dressing up in cotton kurtis. (Kurta or kurti is a tunic/shirt/top like garment that is a bit longer and looks ethnic, like what Livvy is wearing on top in all the pics here.) Hope you love the summery print on her. The Libas kurtis are always so pretty! You’ll see me wearing a similar kurti in the next post, so please do stick around!


Livvy chose to wear yellow nailpaint from Tuesday In Love.


We feel wearing light and colorful during this weather transition is the mantra. Get this look from here. Here’s to the insane month of July, because we are feeling the heat already! (Literally, the sun is playing naughty!) Haha, do Follow our Instagram so you get updates there! Next up, my Indian outfit post coming right up! Follow our blog please so you get notified! ❤

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Summer Outfit 2017 | Livvy

Hello, people! How’s summer treating you guys? Indian summers can never be enchanting, if you stay in Kolkata you will know that no matter how thankful we are to be NOT in Delhi or Mumbai (because Kolkata is relatively cooler than those areas) we still hate summers. And now that the rains are on, it is just a confused weather play everyday! Sun and rain, sun and rain! We all feel uncomfortable, weather mishaps leave us feeling off tune. You’ve seen my outfit for summer here . Livvy wanted to wear something easy and she chose to wear a long high low shirt from Oxolloxo. Scroll to see more pictures below, you’ll love the tiny jewelries she’s wearing. Link to the items are at the end of this post 🙂


This faded blue shirt is a little distressed at the sleeves. The color is so mild and it appears white in bright sunlight. It has pockets, this shirt has pockets! Imagine that! Wow! ❤


Livvy is wearing Pink sapphire earrings from Nicole Winkler Jewellery. These super sparkly and dainty earrings deserve a blog post of their own, with many photos displaying their beauty. Coming up shortly!


Livvy is also wearing Rose quartz wire wrapped jewelry from Hippie Notions. Wow, crystal and wire wrap, that’s two good news for your jewelry collection!


You can pair it with leggings, jeggings, jeans, shorts. Summer or not, this is a classic sleeveless shirt with a style twist to it! ❤

Outfit Details

Shirt |Oxolloxo | here

Earrings |  Nicole Winkler Jewellery | here

Pendant | Hippie Notions | here

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While Livvy is away cooking dinner, I’ll just go and take a shower after hitting “publish” . I’ll come back to check notifications! Follow our Instagram so you get updates there! That’s it for today, I’ll be writing about nailart tomorrow! Enjoy your New Moon weekend, everyone!

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Trinity Sunday Outfit

Happy Trinity Sunday, everyone! It is still a Sunday morning somewhere, even though it is officially Monday here past eight minutes! This will be a short post on what outfits we wore to church this Sunday Morning. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are now with family or friends, celebrating the abundance our Lord gives us every day.

Please excuse my weird smile, I just pose very oddly in front of cameras, yup that’s me in pink.


Livvy wore green today, Oh gosh, the shimmery leaf motifs look sooo cool on her!


These were taken right after the mass , we were enjoying the lovely weather, thank God it did not rain heavily and neither was it too sunny. The weather was perfect and pleasing, because you know the horrid weather in India this time around? It really sucks! And today, of all the possibilities for weather havoc, it all went well.

Have a happy feast of Holy Trinity, may the Lord bless you, and the Holy Spirit strengthen you, and the Almighty Father protect you.

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Have a great time, y’all!

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Summer Outfit 2017 | Molly

Happy Scorpio Full Moon, everyone! We aren’t that astrology freaks but we are into the zodiac elements. My sis, Livvy, is a Scorpio and we are excited for this full moon ❤

In case you are wondering why there has been a lack of frequent updates on our Instagram , well, it is scorching summer already and we are really not feeling the joy. I recently styled one of my long shirts and played a little toned down. Relatively shorter earrings, and no eyeshadows. You can do any hairdo you love, my hair was not completely dry after shower so I did not do a pony tail when we were taking photos, pony tail is my fav summer hairstyle!


I love a good bracelet, and coin bracelets are in! Chose to draw blue motifs on white nails, perfect for a carefree summer day

Outfit Details

Shirt |Shuffle | here

Earrings | Jazz | here

Sunglasses | Danny Daze | here

Shoes | Anand Archies | here

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Enjoy your Full Moon weekend!

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Spring Outfit 2017 | Molly

Yay, it is May already! Did you see how lovely the weather is, NOT! Wooh, major heat wave! But not to worry, when you have dresses you can count on! You just saw my sis Livvy’s spring outfit and how she styled it. This post will be about my one and only red dress. Yup, I have just one red in my closet. Red is not my favorite color, but I really have nothing against the color, I just don’t do reds. So, I thought this spring I might just take the color I don’t like and just be silly about it? Hahhaa. Why is it that I don’t like this color again?  I do love the floral net and it is cute though. The dress is from AND, and I bought it at Pantaloons store. Love the cut and fit!


Did I mention I have this thing for jewelries? If you are a regular reader here you must have seen me wearing these earrings and pendant before. We repeat jewelleries and clothing, we are very economical, we believe in repeating our styles. Beautiful Adele Dejak and Lillicoco jewelleries ❤


“Red Hot” is not the compliment I am ready to hear, but you could say I am a bit dizzy from all the photo clicking in the sun. It is pretty hot here in Kolkata. I wish Livvy and I could abandon this city right away! But until that happens I’ll be dreaming of some distant land. Remind me why am I not a red lover? I like this dress and I really don’t know why I don’t have many reds with me. Hmm, something to think about!

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Outfit Details

Dress | AND | here

Shoes | Anand Archies | here

Pendant | Lillicoco | here

Earrings | Adele Dejak | here

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Have a great week, y’all ❤

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Spring Outfit 2017 | Livvy

Hey, everybody! Last night my sister Molly posted an update about what we are doing this May. While we are at it, we thought about a little spring outfit post we’d share with you. Spring is all about dresses , and florals are all over the town! Molly doesn’t like florals much, but I do 🙂 This is one of my favorite floral dresses and I bought it at Pantaloons store in Kolkata.


The dress is comfortable, and easy to wash. The colors are so pretty I knew I needed this in my wardrobe ❤ I paired it with my favorite wedge heels! 🙂 Check our my other outfit posts here and here to see how I paired these shoes with other dresses 🙂


I love pretty clips and subtle makeup, not overdoing anything. My current favorite is the blue kajal I am wearing.  My sis will be swatching this blue kajal soon 🙂


Wedges and dresses are pretty big every Spring, don’t you think? Even though it is summer here already, we can still dress up like it is Spring!

Don’t go anywhere because Molly’s outfit post is up next 🙂

Outfit Details

Dress | Honey | here

Shoes | Anand Archies | here

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Easter Outfit 2017|Livvy

Welcome to Livvy & Molly, and a very Happy Post-Easter Season to you all! ❤

Yesterday we posted about Molly’s outfit (Yes, that’s me) , and today you will see what Livvy wore for Easter! Spring calls for dresses and more dresses. Livvy loved this dress from Mystree and what’s more lovely about this dress is that it has a patterned print on white. The print reminds of mandala designs, and it is just so cute! Perfect pick for summer in India.



Livvy chose three earrings that are simple and fun to look at ❤ The earrings are patterned as well, and the layered neck jewelry was on point! Jewelry need not be heavy with this outfit ❤ Watch out for nail art update soon ❤


A little smokey eyes and subtle pinkish lip color was all that she need to complete the look that complemented the neutral colors  ❤



She chooses to exit in a very fun way with this dance-walk pose. Cute, isn’t she?!

Hope you loved the outfit post and enjoyed your Easter holidays!

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Links to the items are below :

Outfit Details

Dress | Mystree | here

Necklace |Jazz| here

Shoes |Anand Archies | here

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