2017 Beauty Haul Part 2

Happy Fri-Yay , everyone! Like we promised in our previous Beauty Haul post , we have another stash for you guys! We’ll be reviewing these babies pretty soon! ❤

We have more products to show off so we’re breaking our haul into mini hauls to just keep a track . Here’s what you can expect reviews on in the coming weeks. I particularly like the photos I took here , and hopefully you will love them too!


Have you used any of these yet? We know Pur Cosmetics eye polishes are wonderful, we always use these as eyeshadows and we LOVE all the colors! Garnier shampoo you see here is a new addition to all the Garnier products we are using right now, so far it is working good. Also, right next to it is Loreal Mythic Oil which you get only in salons. Used it last night and loved it. Non sticky and mildly perfumed, but we need to use it for a longer period of time to give any verdict. Jovees products are all over the world, they changed the logo for India , but I am personally loving the sun guard lotion. We also love the gold facewash and other scrubs by the brand. You’ll have to follow us to know more! Whether it is a yay or nay , you cannot miss out on what we have to say about these. Because that’s what we do, as responsible bloggers who just don’t write for the fun of it or money, we feel we are here to share our honest thoughts, to show you if any product is at all worthy of your time and expenses!

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Hope you have a lovely weekend! ❤

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2017 Beauty Haul Part 1

Yassss!!! We reached 200 follows!!! Oh Yaassss! Thank you guys!

And we would love to say we’d celebrate this milestone, but things are not going that well with our real life, not that blogging isn’t real to us or part of our real life, but the sad-reality is just eating our energy away! We don’t want to mess your beautiful feed with our sob story, but hey, we all deal with shit days.

And, since 200 bloggers love us for what we write and what we love to discuss here, we thought about a special compilation of the beauty products we are loving this season ❤

No, we don’t just have beauty on this list, we have something for the fashionistas (our outfits), something for the food bloggers(our recipes), and also something more for the people who follow us here about our views on life and experiences. But to start off on a good note, let’s talk beauty 🙂

Here’s the first batch of stuffs we’ll be reviewing another day, after Easter. Sorry, we cannot sit down to review these yet, I start my Good Friday fast from tomorrow , so no blogging till Easter.

I am refraining from blogging to sink the reason of the season in. Livvy is busy with killing mosquitoes, not that we want to, but our locality got summer mosquitoes all over and I cannot sit to type with these mosquitoes around me. We are also preparing some artworks for our online shop. So, stay tuned ❤

The pics you see are some of our summer favs. There are deodorants and perfumes, face washes and body scrubs, also lip balms and eyeliners. You need to follow us if you wanna know what we love. Right on Easter Monday we’ll show you more about these and let you know which ones are amazing ❤

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Christmas Nail art in Blue and White

Blue nails? Who wouldn’t like some snowflakes on that? This was the nail art I had on my nails for Christmas 2016. If you haven’t seen my Christmas outfit and New Year’s Outfit then check those out here and here ❤ And don’t forget to tag us on social media platforms if you wish to recreate our looks and nail art, these are hand drawn and we love to see people recreating our nai art. We would love to repost your interpretation of our art on you! ❤


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Christmas Nail Art in Red and White

This red and white and green glitter nail art was hand drawn by Livvy ❤ The 2016 Christmas nail art update is here! Let’s just say we are bringing some throwback recap to what we did for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve gone by. If you wish to recreate this look please do tag us on Instagram or Twitter/Facebook so we can repost your work too 🙂


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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Hope you guys had a very happy Thanksgiving! It is black Friday today, and with all the sale and discounts to give your Christmas shopping a boost, we have some great news for you! You saw us feature the Oxolloxo dresses and The Tomentosa Shop jewelries here and here last night. Don’t forget to use our code LMTOMENTOSA when you shop for macrame jewelries this season 🙂 The macrame jewelries by The Tomentosa Shop are trendy and beautiful







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Marble Nail Art In Pink And Black

Yesterday, we spoke about Sister Blogger Bond, how my sister Livvy and I proceed as a team. Today, we have a cute nail art to share with you all 🙂 With all the 500 rupees and 1000 rupees notes flying to the bank due to the ban in India we are, almost every day, queuing up to submit the invalid notes and that is not leaving much time for blogging. A very heated political and economical environment stirred up worldwide, thanks to American and Indian systems. Blocking all of this out and bringing a very cute pink and black crazy marble nail art, done by Livvy with nail art brushes. Remember, we don’t use stamping tools 🙂 It is all hand drawn. Today, Livvy is showing off her nail art ❤ Quick snaps before she went on to make a meal for both of us.



Let us treat this fall season with respect, and have fun while it lasts! Fall is so beautiful, with all the festivities and closure to the year. Who is celebrating Thanksgiving with a bang this year? And have you thought about your Christmas dressing and accessories yet? We are also thinking of doing some Christmas nail art ideas you could use this year 🙂 We will also share our color themes and what we are wearing this Christmas 🙂 Yes, we are almost done with our  Christmas shopping. You know how it is, how insane it is when it is November and you are still buying stuffs on Christmas Eve just to look good the next day at church. Haha. Okay, we can give you one hint, there will be whites and blues! Ah, I said it! I cannot keep mum when it comes to Christmas color themes! ❤

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Have a great time, love to all!


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Hearts and Swirls Nail Art

Hello, readers! We are bringing you another manicure nail art today, all done with no stamping tool. We use brushes only. With all the work piling up and as a woman who draws and blogs I can relate to so many other women who have pretty less time to paint their claws. My sis and I go without nail polishes for months simply because we have no time! But the artists in all of us will try to surface at some point of time, and you cannot constantly let the work pressure win. Because our job is not only to protect our “job” but also to give ourselves a chance to breathe easy. Cuticle oil massage, perfect manicure, lovely feeling! Nonetheless, I am typing this post with a heavy heart because I am letting this nail art go, and as I say this the remover bottle is eyeing me. New nail art tonight . See our recent nail art posts here and here.

Livvy made this gorgeous design on my nails with three Tuesday In Love nail polishes : Applause , Milkshake, Sugar Plum Fairy


Tuesday In Love polishes are water permeable, they are easily peel-able, perfect for Muslim women and the TIL line of cosmetics are also halal certified.

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Have a sweet day/night ❤

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Butterfly Wings Nail Art


A big Hello to all our new and old readers! Today we have Livvy showing off her butterfly wings! Haha. Her nails have butterfly nail art done! This was done with no stamping tool. For all nail art designs we use nail art brushes only. You can find the base color Tuesday In Love (Sonic Boom) review here , it is such a gorgeous color Livvy immediately thought about painting butterfly design, I was so happy to do this nail art on her! The small polka dots you see are in color Milkshake . Milkshake is a super cool milky-coffee-nude tone you can’t do without ❤livvy_and_molly_tuesday_in_love_butterfly_nail_art_2livvy_and_molly_tuesday_in_love_butterfly_nail_art_3livvy_and_molly_tuesday_in_love_butterfly_nail_art_4livvy_and_molly_tuesday_in_love_butterfly_nail_art_5livvy_and_molly_tuesday_in_love_butterfly_nail_art_6

If you are inspired by any of our designs then please don’t forget to share your recreated look on Instagram or Twitter and tag us so we can share it too 🙂 We have another November Manicure Nail art on Fish Bone and Polka Dots up on blog, check it out now!

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How did you like our take on butterfly wings with just three nail polishes? We would love to read your views!

Watch out for more!

Have a nice time, y’all 🙂


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Fish Bone and Polka Dots Nail Art

We’ve been busy, and if you have read our recent post Hello, November! you’d know what we are talking about. Also please check out our short stories and poetry on The Librettist, especially The Night I Missed You and Miss Mornings, and do give them thumbs up if you like them, means so much to us if you like our short stories and poetry. Post your remarks too ❤

We have also shared the latest collection we are sketching , say hello to Cafe Gurls 🙂 . Follow Brand Olishna for more art! 🙂

Today we have some nail art fun for you! There will be lots of nail art on this blog in the next few weeks, so watch out for those. Excuse the margins, as you can see these shots were taken right after the nail art was done in a hurry. I (Molly) am a Pisces and I like little piscesan designs here and there. I know a fish bone could have been more prominent but with the on set of periods I can barely sit straight. Yellow is not my fav color but I guess the sunshine with the blue is like a beach vibe. Haha. No stamping tools used. We use nail art brushes only. Hope you like this design, people! ❤


The yellow lacquer is Tuesday In Love (Canary Feathers) . TIL polishes are water permeable and you can peel it off anytime you want! We haven’t posted the review on Canary Feathers yet but we promise the swatch will be up on the blog soon. We did plan to post about the lacquer before getting into the nail art part, but that will have to wait.The blue lacquer is Zovi. I know it looks greenish with the yellow , more like creating green with blue and yellow watercolors. 😀

Check out another nail art we posted here and here . Also see other Tuesday In Love colors : Sugar Plum Fairy , Applause , Kiss You , Milkshake, Sonic Boom , 51st Shade , Vampire Kiss .

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Have a nice time, wherever you are! ❤

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Happy Halloween ! Sugar Skull Makeup Ideas

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Here is what we have done for Sugar Skull Makeup! You can find what products we have used here. Enjoy the crisp festival season , everybody!



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