Christmas Nail Art 2017 | Molly

Christmas Time is always the best time of the year. Almost the end of Jan but here we are racing against time to get the holiday pictures out here on the blog! You gotta run a sane daily life and still be a super blogger, right? How about two super sister-bloggers? Good things double up, but the work load doubles in number too! You just saw my sister’s nail art post, scroll down to see the previous post if you haven’t already! I drew some “Holly and Ivy” motifs to have a fancy Christmas look , that went well with my red themed ootd , see here for more ❤


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Christmas Nail Art 2017 | Livvy

Almost forgot to post the Christmas Nail Art pics! We will be going out for an evening walk after this, so Livvy’s locking up the windows right now. If you haven’t seen what she wore on Christmas Day then please see the ootd post here. This post is about what was going on with her nailpolishes that morning, she wore a cool combination of blue-green polish and glitters. It is such a fun Christmas look! Pics taken right after the Christmas morning Mass 🙂


Wish we knew we’d be making more and more YouTube videos back then, but it’s a bummer we don’t have a video on this one. But we will recreate this look so you guys can see the glitters properly. Our New Year nailart video is on our channel , please watch it here 🙂

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Molly’s New Year Nail Art

You know how great it feels to have glitters on your nails? Talking about people who love glitters, I see some people smiling 🙂 Here’s my glittery nail art that I flaunted on 1st Jan. Watch this video to know more !


Can’t wait to add more glitter polishes to the collection!

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Livvy’s New Year Nail Art

Welcome back, everyone! We posted a video on what we used to create a glitter nail art for the first day of the year , if you haven’t watched it yet then please watch it here . Here’s some of the highlights from Livvy’s shoot ❤


We are big glitter fans , so you will see more of glitters this year . Next up is my nail art blog post , get following to see more 🙂

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New Year Glitter Nail Art Vlog | BLUE HEAVEN COSMETICS and VOV

Happy Weekend! January is starting look busier than we thought it would be! If you are new to our blog, well, HELLO STRANGER! Hit the follow button and hang on! We updated our YouTube, here’s the latest vid on our channel. This is for anyone who loves nailpolishes or glitters , this is just the start and let me tell you that my sis and I are very new to  YouTube, you will have to subscribe to know what we are posting next. I am tweaking stuffs here and there, so your support all over our social media accounts is encouraging us to post more and more ❤ We love you guys!

If you read the description box of this video you will see that I mentioned our nails got chipped. Yes, sh!t happens a lot, but you don’t have to have long claws to have polish on them, you can have fun with cute nails too. I have mentioned it earlier on this blog that my sis and I are bird moms , so we barely keep polishes on our nails for long, we draw freehand nail art and then take pics for our blog, keep them on if we have somewhere to go to and then take it off immediately. Birds like to bite fingers and you should never jeopardize their health, polishes are chemicals , and never let your birds bite your nails, they are very clever and they will bite you when you feed them, naughty little fellows ❤ . We are also painters, so we do not keep overgrown claws for many days, get down and dirty with household work, because sometimes women need to slay with “no manicure” hands. Who would wanna be barbie for 24hours, other than Barbie? Mama , get your nails done, but don’t forget to let your nails breathe easy. Get to the natural look , don’t just keep swiping nail paints on and on, that’s unhealthy.

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Christmas Vlog on YouTube!

Happy New Year, everyone! Well, just one hour to go here! We are so happy to share this great news! We are now on YouTube! Please check out our second video :

Hope you guys subscribe and give it a thumbs-up!


Wish you a grand New Year 2018! May your soul be one with this universe as you embrace this brand new year! God bless ❤

Enjoy and be grateful 🙂

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Christmas Eve 2017

Merry Christmas, worldwide! Okay, so this will be a real quick post because we’ll be going for the morning Christmas Mass and we gotta take a decent goodnight nap before we get our bling on for tomorrow! So much to film and so many photographs, it is not a good time to sit and edit everything, so here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be wearing and eating tomorrow 🙂


You’ll see greens and reds this season 🙂 We’ll be posting all about it tomorrow, with videos, so don’t forget to follow us here ❤


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, you guys ❤ Spread the real fearless love like Christ did ❤

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Christmas Nail Art With Glitters

Christmas season is incomplete without glitters. Whether you are into art/craft or just love the decors around you, you will see glitters everywhere. Nail polish fanatics will always find fun designs to draw but let’s just keep it minimal at times because no matter how good we are with nail polishes we can all do with some extra time to kill . Too many Christmas chores will tire us and you can’t delay cleaning or cooking this time around.  The best way to deal with the party season is to have a good nailpolish on your nails. One task off the list : Have good claws!

And when you are on crunch time you gotta have faith in glitters. There is no harm in just swiping glitter polishes on nails even if you are a pro-nail-designer . Happens all the time, let’s just say …even if we take time to do nailarts we can always save time by going the glitter way. Even when you can’t decide on what design to create on your nails and you woke up early Christmas morning to attend the Mass , you can bet on glitter polishes.


We have numerous glitters and design combo to share with you all but ,like I said, we are all on crunch time, we can hardly breathe with all the vanilla essence in the air! Tomorrow we’ll be sharing a cute dessert recipe that you can make this Christmas and possibly get some extra love from your kids. They will love it ❤

Blues and Greens are amazing Christmas colors . If you wanna see some red then please check out this post here . Or may be a coffee beans nail art , something like this one here ?

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Have a great weekend, Feliz Navidad ❤

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Coffee Beans Christmas Nail Art

Big talk of the town? CHRISTMAS IS HERE! Oh Lord, waiting for the whole year gets a little irksome. But hey, December is always grand when it’s Christmas. Here’s one nail art you can do for days prior to Christmas since we get so many invites and have to meet friends ❤ I have used two TIL polishes ( see individual posts here and here ) for this nail art design, drawn freehand with nail art brushes.


Coffee and Decembers , I am thinking about a coffee cake this winter. Got the ingredients from the store already , some cute recipes and pics coming up on blog this Christmas, yas! Coffee is always a year-round drink for us, but we are not caffeine crazy, as in not addicted to coffee. We believe in healthy lifestyle, so we literally have no room for hardcore addictions, whether for good commodities or bad. Hope you guys loved this design, be sure to follow our blog ❤

Enjoy your coffee, and Monday 🙂 ❤

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Red Christmas Nail Art | Blue Heaven Cosmetics

Happy December Full Moon ❤ I know some people just hate the idea of seeing Christmas stuff going on everywhere, but sorry , my sister and I are Christmas people, sorry if influx of Christmas posts annoy you. Because we are going to hit you with Christmas posts! Is it over-hyped? It should be! From the commercial and consumerism POV we all know the money flying should be used for better purposes but it is Christmas, so everyone should feel a greater cause or purpose to cater to, at least we can pray for that and put our effort to see greater good happen. Your one small push towards the right path can help the world in lot many ways than you can imagine. Don’t forget to call your friends and relatives, especially the ones you owe an apology.

Now, let’s look at some creative artwork I did on my nails. (haha, self appraisal for Christmas motifs can be so good! )

Red is definitely one of the dominant Christmas colors , I sported blue last Christmas (check it out here ) so this time I might wear this red for the Christmas Eve events and gatherings. In fact, I am wearing this for tomorrow’s First Advent Sunday, I can’t wait to show you guys the outfit we both sisters are going to wear. There is also a church lunch invite for the parish members tomorrow, so if we can excuse ourselves from the preset events that were scheduled long time back we might sit to lunch with the convent sisters.

This shade is definitely one of my favorite from the brand Blue Heaven Cosmetics, one of those vintage reds that will suit every skin tone. Red is not my personal favorite , I am more of a green/blue/purple/black/white person, but when it is Christmas, Halloween or St.Valentine’s feast – you know red is in sync with the mood of festivities. I will reveal the shade number for this polish next week 🙂



I just swatched the polish for the first time and couldn’t wait to design, it is just one coat of red and then I just drew the motifs, freehand style ❤ We don’t use stamping plates, we use nail art brushes for the designing.

I’ll possibly make a video on this later. Stay tuned for more nail arts, and other polishes that we are wearing throughout this season ❤

Thank you guys for following us here and on our Instagram. So many of you inboxed that you see less of story updates there , yup, I know we don’t post stories as much but we’ll try to post as much as we can. It is just me and Livvy, brooming the floor, washing the clothes, cooking the meals, going to the bank, getting all the reviews up on time, the artworks, we might work under one banner but she does her work and I do mine, so even if people feel these two sisters are together so the work is divided, no dude! Two individual people working the same quantity with two different set of minds, she can’t do my part and I can’t do hers . She is cooking as I type, trying to look over our birds and taking my hands off the keyboard at times because I get cold fingertips during winters, sorry typing with gloves on… NOT MY THING!

With so much of rush going on around us, I guess nail polishes can keep us happy. I believe we all must be open to colors and love, because that’s how we dream and live.

{ Insert song “Nobody loves me like you do” }

Haha, Happy Weekend and enjoy your Advent! Remember, Christ is for all of us, His life must teach you to love and His death must teach you to be humble. Sacrifice your ego and stand for the life that’s free of self-abuse. May Christ be with you, Love form Livvy and Molly ❤

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