We hope the questions below answer your doubts, for other queries that are not covered here you have our mail address, write to us!!! We love hearing from our readers!

Why the name ‘Livvy’ and ‘Molly’?

Livvy and Molly are our nick names. Yes, you guessed it right. Liv/Livvy is short for Olivia, and Molly took her name by cutting short and dropping alphabets from her middle name Monalisha.

What signs are Livvy and Molly?

So many people have asked us about this, so we have edited this page and included this in. Livvy is Scorpio and Molly is Pisces. Molly loves Molly fish! Water elements all the way!

Livvy is a double Scorpio, Scorpio with a Scorpio decan. Molly is a Pisces-Scorpio. Pisces with Scorpio decan.

What is the origin of these two sisters?

We are anglo-Indian, Our great grand dad Walter Patrick Franks was a stenographer, and no one had been writing in the family after him, we are very proud to be continuing with the streak.

So, Are Livvy and Molly just style bloggers?

No, we are Fashion Illustrators and painters first. We write stories and poems. Any girl who loves shopping and wishes to keep an updated list of what she has owned or wishes to own will keep her diaries close to her. Our blog is this diary.

Who takes the photos?

All the photos that are watermarked are either taken by Livvy or Molly. We will make announcements if a photographer is needed in the future.

What about academics?

We are glam and geeky, Livvy is a Science graduate. Molly is a Postgrad (Masters in English Literature). Style and Beauty blogging goes together with our love of reading, writing, and art.

What languages do Livvy & Molly know?

We can talk in English, Hindi, Bangla , Budgie Talk, and Love/Defence. Yes, Love and Defence are both languages in our world, loving leads to caring, caring will let you defend. It is a method of communication with empathy. โค Livvy knows Italia a little as she is learning it everyday, Molly can understand bits of other Indian languages.

Were Livvy & Molly like this before this blog started out?

Yes, to all our school and college classmates who feel we have got glammed up recently, That is bullshit! Just like any other makeup/apparel loving girl we wear makeup, and love fancy yet simple stuffs. We never liked flaunting it in classrooms, but none of you were allowed to see us outside school, so you never got to know that we looked different when we dress up. Some girls like us prefer to dress for occasion. In schools we liked no-makeup, unlike some “mean girls”.

What are the products Livvy and Molly refuse to endorse?

We hate the idea of fairness creams. In India, we are neither black nor white. We live in India, and do not need tanning products. And no hair straighteners, please. We let genes hang loose and straight! ๐Ÿ˜›

Where are Livvy and Molly located? How do we get connected?

Yasss! Now we are talking! We live in India. You can email us at livvyandmolly@gmail.com OR Whatsapp us at +91 9804525201 and +91 7278929964 . Whatsapp can be tricky while saving international numbers when you have country code, if you don’t find us on your list try refreshing or send us a DM on Instagram.ย  Do not send in queries to our mail id that is art related, because many people know us as fashion artists and have our primary email address. Please Do Not send in your fashion/style collaboration requests there.

What products do we love endorsing? How do we send you girls our products?

We love fashion related stuffs, we love jewelry, nail art, watches, home decor, lingerie, clothes, makeup, perfume, and everything that fancies a girl’s heart. Mail us and we’ll get in touch with you. All items should be shipped as gifts ,and the shipping cost should be taken care of by you. Again, the item must be listed somewhere online first so we can check it out. Or, if the item is just a specimen or made just for our blog, please send in the details in a note with the package. The final decision whether or not we wish to accept your product must be unanimous, it should appeal to us both. ( For example, we do not have a craze for fairness products so sending in those would be a total waste of your money and our time).

How do Livvy & Molly select collaborators?

We do not collaborate just for the sake of publicity, and never select collaborators according to their social stat or grasp of marketing. We would love to have your item as a part of our life even if you consider yourself a small business identity. Send us the picture or link to the product so we can confirm that we would want you to ship it to our address and feature it as a product we are using. However, The reviews are totally in our own words, you shall have no say in that. We would love to interview the producers of any item/organization, owners of small business . Get in touch with us anytime!

Are there any other stuffs we love endorsing?

Yes, we LOVE Books. But then everything related to books should be mailed to our other id. Please check The Librettist for books and book related stuffs.

Should someone send in gifts only? What about cash?

Cash? Yes, For anyone who is residing in India. We also accept e-gift cards. People outside India should send in gifts, because we do not have Paypal yet. We are working on the Paypal thing. So, stay tuned!

Lastly,any scratch marks or bruised streaks?

Every one sees the pretty faces not the hard work or the cross behind. We are child abuse survivors. We are male chauvinist survivors. We are societal pattern survivors. We are the hot intelligent middle-class fairies. We all have that strained self, somewhere, don’t we!

Livvy: Is anyone reading this at all?

Molly: Oh, dear child, everyone is reading this! They just don’t want us to know who is sneaking around!

-Livvy&Molly, XOXO โค