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Happy December Full Moon ❀ I know some people just hate the idea of seeing Christmas stuff going on everywhere, but sorry , my sister and I are Christmas people, sorry if influx of Christmas posts annoy you. Because we are going to hit you with Christmas posts! Is it over-hyped? It should be! From the commercial and consumerism POV we all know the money flying should be used for better purposes but it is Christmas, so everyone should feel a greater cause or purpose to cater to, at least we can pray for that and put our effort to see greater good happen. Your one small push towards the right path can help the world in lot many ways than you can imagine. Don’t forget to call your friends and relatives, especially the ones you owe an apology.

Now, let’s look at some creative artwork I did on my nails. (haha, self appraisal for Christmas motifs can be so good! )

Red is definitely one of the dominant Christmas colors , I sported blue last Christmas (check it out here ) so this time I might wear this red for the Christmas Eve events and gatherings. In fact, I am wearing this for tomorrow’s First Advent Sunday, I can’t wait to show you guys the outfit we both sisters are going to wear. There is also a church lunch invite for the parish members tomorrow, so if we can excuse ourselves from the preset events that were scheduled long time back we might sit to lunch with the convent sisters.

This shade is definitely one of my favorite from the brand Blue Heaven Cosmetics, one of those vintage reds that will suit every skin tone. Red is not my personal favorite , I am more of a green/blue/purple/black/white person, but when it is Christmas, Halloween or St.Valentine’s feast – you know red is in sync with the mood of festivities. I will reveal the shade number for this polish next week πŸ™‚



I just swatched the polish for the first time and couldn’t wait to design, it is just one coat of red and then I just drew the motifs, freehand style ❀ We don’t use stamping plates, we use nail art brushes for the designing.

I’ll possibly make a video on this later. Stay tuned for more nail arts, and other polishes that we are wearing throughout this season ❀

Thank you guys for following us here and on our Instagram. So many of you inboxed that you see less of story updates there , yup, I know we don’t post stories as much but we’ll try to post as much as we can. It is just me and Livvy, brooming the floor, washing the clothes, cooking the meals, going to the bank, getting all the reviews up on time, the artworks, we might work under one banner but she does her work and I do mine, so even if people feel these two sisters are together so the work is divided, no dude! Two individual people working the same quantity with two different set of minds, she can’t do my part and I can’t do hers . She is cooking as I type, trying to look over our birds and taking my hands off the keyboard at times because I get cold fingertips during winters, sorry typing with gloves on… NOT MY THING!

With so much of rush going on around us, I guess nail polishes can keep us happy. I believe we all must be open to colors and love, because that’s how we dream and live.

{ Insert song “Nobody loves me like you do” }

Haha, Happy Weekend and enjoy your Advent! Remember, Christ is for all of us, His life must teach you to love and His death must teach you to be humble. Sacrifice your ego and stand for the life that’s free of self-abuse. May Christ be with you, Love form Livvy and Molly ❀

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Molly’s 2nd Thanksgiving Outfit for 2017

Yas, this was my 2nd Thanksgiving outfit last week! You guys are probably thinking why “off shoulder” now? Well, last week it was so sunny and even though it is fall season, the temperature was still summer-y here. But then, who said you can’t wear cold-shoulder or off-shoulder in winters?Β  We both sisters thought that we might just wear off shoulder in November and have fun! This top is from Mast & Harbour and it is pretty, silky smooth, and who doesn’t love the frill? Find the link at the end of this post πŸ™‚



Working the braid, because it is the holiday season, right? And yes, golden chokers with gorgeous motifs! Christmas season makes me go crazy about fashion and styles. Nothing is “too much” for me when it is just one month until Christmas!


If you are following this blog then you probably read the previous post where I added that Livvy is wearing off shoulder bra ( so am I! ) , but the fact that more and more womenΒ  are choosing to go bra-less is what will put this “off shoulder with frill ” trend on top priority in our daily lives. Because many of us want to but will still hesitate to go without bras. The debate will be elaborated on one of our posts, but come on, we all get those lazy nights and days when we just can’t stick to the innerwear code or are too tired to wear anything but nightwear (especially when we have a last minute meetup with our girls or accidental “drop by” ) . More so when it is winter and some girls who are moderately inflated (or not)Β  in the chest just lay heaps of sweaters and hope no one is looking!

Thankfully, the temp. started to drop few days back, the sweaters are out ❀ Expect an influx of posts during Advent and Christmas. So, don’t forget to follow us here and on Instagram for more ❀ Thank you guys, and have a great day!

Outfit Details

Top | Mast & Harbour | here

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Thanksgiving Outfit 2017 | Molly

Welcome to my Thanksgiving outfit! Omg! Happy Thanksgiving you guys! ❀

We shared Livvy’s outfit here, go check it out if you haven’t. So, this year we both chose to wear Mast & Harbour skirts , majorly because we love the prints and the cut! Also, temperature is still warm here. So, sweater season is late! We paired up skirts with thumbhole full sleeved tops.

Please find the links at the end of this post!




Okay, we love space buns!



Many people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in India , but since it is celebrated a month before Christmas and almost harvest time (different churches celebrate on different dates) , and we have more American friends and relatives than Indian, we celebrate it too, just because you don’t stay geographically closer to a country doesn’t mean you can’t relate to the festivities or customs.

So, being Thankful is the reason to celebrate, and we are so thankful that each one of you take time to go through our posts and communicate. Thank you ,guys ❀

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Outfit Details

Skirt | Mast & Harbour | here

Eyewear | Danny Daze | here

Necklace | Web of Magic Jewelry | here

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Thanksgiving Outfit 2017 | Livvy

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today we are sharing our first Thanksgiving outfit of 2017 , yes, there will be another outfit post update day after tomorrow, because we are both taking some time to reboot while getting the Christmas stuffs done beforehand.

Here’s what Livvy wore ❀ The Mast & Harbour skirt is in keeping with the warmer weather here, winter is not that chilly yet. Weather reports say it might not drop down, temp. may rise, but who cares? While the most of the world is wearing sweater, we are wearing short skirts and long thumbhole sleeves, just in case! The weather is pleasant for skirts here right now, you could wear boots with it too! Please find the links at the end of this post ❀




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Happy Thanksgiving , you guys!



Outfit Details

Skirt |Mast & Harbour| here

Earrings | Nicole WinklerΒ  Jewellery| here

Pendant | Hippie Notions | here

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Thinking about Thanksgiving

Being Thankful. Giving Thanks to the Lord, for He is good.

Hey y’all , first up, how’s your weekend going? Don’t get us started, but the weather is going haywire here. Last year, this day, we had our woollens out. We are still wearing summer fashion here! Haha. We are supposed to shoot for more outfits this week, but the sweaters will have to wait!Β  Wasn’t that chilly last year but wasn’t this warm either. The sun is still summer-y and we can’t keep complaining about the weather changes happening all over the world, so let’s be thankful for the little stuffs we still have with us.

Thanksgiving is this week! Christmas is next month!

Okay, who is up for more festivities? WE ARE!

This year was good, right? Nope? Okay, let’s try this again. This year you learned not to be superficial, to deepen your bonds with the ones you love, show your raw emotions (even with the ones you don’t love) , and to work it! If you have wasted time for someone who didn’t deserve it, take it to someone else who appreciates your existence. You live to love and if love is not the core of your existence then what is? Be nicer, but don’t sugarcoat. Don’t be nice to someone who is bullying you to death. We always say you should let go the toxicity and toxic people, but forgiveness is not a chocolate bar that you should keep dishing out when you can see there is no effort from the guilty list. Be fearless when you love, have clarity in thought, and stick to the decisions. Be responsible and don’t get into “hit and run” mode. Stay. That is what you should learn every year. Life will bring to you the same themes and lessons , over and over again. Of course, no one is telling you not to have fun. But everything should be proper. Not that you should be controlling , but just don’t linger with the lower energies. It does no good and keeps adding to the pain.

Let’s be Thankful for the little love we have with us, right now. This universe that was given to us. Our abilities to love and care, to be sly no more, to speak out when needed, to be permanent in each other’s lives, to never play games that leaves only tears, to love our children more, to eat well, to be happy God chose us to do good, with all our talents. To bring more goodness to the table this universe has laid out. To feel. To never block out emotional upheavals. Feel. Feel stronger when you love fearlessly.

Let us all be thankful for that.


Happy Thanksgiving  to you all worldwide ❀


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Molly’s Fall Outfit | Egawmacoi Pencil Skirt

Happy Sunday to everyone! If you just refreshed to this post, lucky you! Because today we are featuring one of the sweetest skirt boutiques out there! These skirts are handcrafted by seamstresses and these skirts are crazily amazing!

Ladies, we give you Egawmacoi ❀ (link at the end of the post)

I am wearing Penelope, and I love this shade. I teamed it with my Shuffle shirt that I wore earlier as part of other ensemble, check those out here and there πŸ˜‰



Mirror shades in fall? Umm, did we mention in the last post that it is still summer where we live? Yup, Novembers are looking like Mays! Bad weather doesn’t wanna be Christmassy!


The Egawmacoi skirts are skirts you’d love to wear and go just about anywhere , to any event ❀

A huge Thank You to Egawmacoi for these amazing skirts that will be all over our fall outfit features.

Enjoy your weekend , everyone ❀

Outfit Details

Shirt |Shuffle| here

Earrings | Voylla | here

Skirt | Egawmacoi | here

Eyewear | Farenheit | here

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Livvy’s Fall Outfit | Egawmacoi Pencil Skirt

Happy Weekend! ❀

Welcome to another outfit post! Fall is in , and we know it is getting chilly in other parts of the world but it is still sunny summery where we at! We are flaunting sleeveless shirts, so if you see late sweater posts on our Instagram , you now know why! (Check out how Livvy wore this Oxolloxo shirt earlier this year here )

Today we bring to you a very special skirt boutique : Egawmacoi

Livvy styled this beautiful Blair skirt and it is a perfect shade to go with this fall season!



The silky finish on this skirt is amazing! You can opt for either statement pieces or minimalist jewelry when you team up your blouses or tops with this pencil skirt.



Egawmacoi skirts are slim fit, compliments the body ,comes in a variety of colors and are extremely reliable! Have fun with pencil skirts this season , wear those mirror shades , and get your high heels on!

Thank you Egawmacoi for this amazing skirt ❀

Outfit details

Shirt | Oxolloxo| here

Earrings | Voylla | here

Eyewear | Farenheit | here

Skirt| Egawmacoi| here

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October Beauty Favorites

Yay, it is almost the weekend! We are into the second week of Nov, and can we all hurry November a bit so we can get to Christmas? Wooohooo! I can’t wait anymore, I wish I could just publish all that we are planning for Christmas right now but Livvy’s not in the mood to reveal any of the Holiday beauty secrets right now, so you will have to wait until the last week of Nov.

Here are some of the October favorites that we’ll be blogging about in the next week.

(The pumpkin and spider decor are made by us πŸ™‚ )



More about these products will be up on the blog and Instagram ❀

Love you guys, enjoy your day πŸ™‚

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Halloween Nail Art 2017

Throwback to Halloween 2017 last week!

Some really simple Halloween nail art πŸ™‚

All hand drawn, without any stamping tools!



In case you haven’t seen our other nail art posts, you should stick around and navigate to see some cool designs we draw. We are already working on some Christmas nail art, so expect those to pop up here and there often.


Enjoy your Tuesday, people!

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Halloween 2017 makeup

Last week we were all running ghoulish, whether on the roads or all over Instagram! Halloween is just not for 31st Oct , for some of us it is somewhat all-year-round passion. Be it art on paper or makeup or just costumes, Halloween is BIG! And as you can see, we were celebrating my sister’s birthday, getting our work done, running behind schedule, so a majority of our posts got delayed. Let’s just say you should take this as a throwback to last week’s makeup looks my sis and I did on ourselves. We hope to post Halloween makeup tutorials soon. The following photos were taken right after we painted our faces. And trust me, those are all eyeshadows. Only eyeshadows!



We used up almost all the reds in our eyeshadow palettes and need to restock fast. Haha.

Hope you had an awesome October and started with November on a celebratory note. Because this 2017 is literally asking for a brand new 2018 already! And we are not yet ready for Thanksgiving! OH MY LORD, things are moving faster!

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