June 2018 and 2014

Some monsoon shots this month ❤


13th June will always be special for us. Four years ago, our baby blue budgie flew out of our home, right out the window. We know he wouldn’t do that, and our mom was fidgeting with the cage so it must have scared him out. And as soon as I heard his wings flutter so harsh and loudly I knew something happened! When you live with birds you just know something is wrong when they flap wings loudly. It was too loud for a little birdie. I ran to look out of the window, by that time our mom already screamed that he flew away in an attempt to look all innocent! The cage was wide open at the window! The birds brought the cage their and opened the latch, right? Yes, who else?

I was half naked, I just came out of the loo, and right when I was praying in that split-second moment to get a glimpse of that blue boy of mine…I saw him soar upwards. He was in my neighbor’s garden and I ran after him barefoot, out on the street, into my neighbor’s territory, made my way through the dense and dirty heck of a garden that my neighbor had, and their he was. Little blue bird with his back facing me ,with twigs and vines and leaves around him, as though he was lost, reading ancient Nature. I tried to get hold of him, but he escaped! I tried to grab him again, he flew away the second time! After half an hour of despair, when I couldn’t spot him anywhere I broke down. I stood there , crying. Thinking about what would happen to him, where could he be! There are millions of cats who would hunt him down, and he is so little!

My sister and I are attached to our birds. Like two mothers attached to two babies.

I came back home, my sister saw everything and was crying at home. Too stunned to even move. How could this happen to our boy! How could God let this happen to us! I was mentally going through all the prayers, asking almost every saint I knew to bring back our boy. My sister and I were sobbing, and hoping if only our baby would homeward. But how would a little bird know where home is?

“What if someone finds him and brings him back to us?” , my sister wept.

“I hope someone does! If only. I am praying. I hope someone finds him. I want him back.”, I said.

Miracles happen.

Few minutes later, our bird was seen searching for an entrance to our house. And he took a turn to another neighbor’s house where a bricklayer caught him. He brought something in his hand to me, and I asked, “Is he blue?” He said , “yes, but I didn’t see properly.”

That’s because he has grey wings and a blue belly. So he gives illusion of grey if you don’t see the belly first. He was brought in and let loose in the cage.

Fours years ago. It is St.Anthony’s Feast Day, and He is patron of all lost things and lost people, animals, pregnant women, the poor, travellers.

Miracles in life make you more faithful. You get a feeling that God is listening. Losing a child is a lot to bear. We hope this monsoon brings you  showers of blessings. Also, thanks to St.Anthony and St. Jude, again, for listening to our prayers. I now have a day job. I required a fixed job for a financial lift. As many of our readers know already, we were subjected to abuse and we literally are fighting every single day just to keep sane. We hope you continue to pray for us. Nothing would cool our hearts more than justice. Livvy and I will be posting here and on Instagram as often we can, so you wouldn’t have to worry about us going into MIA mode. We wanted to include pics of our babies too but we’d rather post a whole bunch of their photos on another post some other day ❤

Happy Mid Week, everyone!

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Mid Year Beauty And Jewelry Haul 2018

🌈 June love to everyone!!

🌸Okay, before we share some of the haul pictures, we have some videos for you all to check out. Yes, we uploaded new stuffs on our channel! Below are the videos, please watch and subscribe , that’s how we get motivated 🙂

First up is the LGBT art video ( #Pride for June ) that Livvy drew and painted, the video is a little over 30 minutes , so please be patient and watch it because the total art tutorial is amazing! I am not saying this because she is my sis, I love her art personally, but the way she paints is magical ❤ Encourage your kids and others to watch our art tutorials because we assure you that you will enjoy the process, we even film our mistakes, so everyone here knows we are no fancy painters. We love painting and live for it, with all our mistakes and color bleeding we love how it all turns out ❤ As heterosexuals who lean towards the sapiosexual-demisexual-asexual axis , we both feel that there is a need to make place for homosexuals and other orientations to be comfortable in the world, because every country should preach the necessity of voice, the right to choose, whether you want polyamory or monogamy, it is your personal choice. But there also is a need to educate ourselves, we can stand up for each other, and as heterosexuals we can respect the homosexual love, not indulging in bullying or checking out homosexuality in a filthy way just to know how it feels and then breaking someone’s heart in the process. We are also strictly against prostitution and multiple cheating/dating, we do not endorse these crimes. Love is Love is Love. Issues like gender fluidity , women empowerment, lgbtqa rights, will always be burning all around the world. We can come to a peaceful resolution and abide by it. Change is at hand, respect what others are🌸 Many would argue that homosexuality is anti-Christian but like we have mentioned before on this blog, Christ looks at your heart and He would not throw you in flames for loving someone, irrespective of the gender. This might enrage the Christian officials but as true Christians we believe that if you love someone dearly that must be acceptable in the eyes of God.


🌧️🌸This is another video shot right after it rained where we stay 🙂 If you love florals and Nature you will love this one 🌸🌧️ these flowers in the video are the same flowers you saw the pic of in May Magenta ❤ yes, they look so different! The photo was shot in the sun and the video was made after the rainfall 🙂


Another art video ❤ Goddess Freyja ❤

Now for the HAUL!!!


There are many more products we need to show you guys, get reviews done and more YouTube videos to shoot!!! Are you ready???

Who loves these beauty/bath products and jewelries??? ❤

Happy Weekend!!

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Lilac Lavender Nails For Summer 2018

💜Happy Weekend , you guys! We’ve been so busy , taking product pictures and sketching away art orders, we just had no time to breathe easy! Summer is everywhere! Talking about where we at though 🙂 Now, our camera picked up the color little differently and I just couldn’t bring the nailpolish color in the pictures to the exact color I am seeing on my nails. You all know how we hate editing anything, we just don’t like exaggerating beauty and distorting colors. What the camera picks up goes in here! But this time, I will leave it to you , you can call it Lavender or Lilac or Mauve.

💜But first, check out my Lavender art video and leave comments please 🙂 Your support means everything!



I am just loving pastel hues this summer 💜


You know we both sisters love glitters so much! So, I kinda keep playing with glitter polishes 🙂

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Chosungah 16Brand Korean Beauty Tri-Phase Lipgloss | Yellow Blast | Swatch Video

🌸  Welcome to another beauty post! We have a very special video for you guys, our latest video features 16Brand lipgloss in shade Yellow Blast 💖


Check out the video below!

More videos and photos will be up by this month, we have two more tri-phase lip glosses to swatch and we’ll tell you everything in details there 🙂

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April Yellow

April was not a good month. It is sick to even think what my sis and I have to put up with every single day. But we cannot step back and watch everything going down in shambles! We cannot let anyone stop us, our blog life and artworks mean everything to us. We never dream of anything but art and writing. There has to be a way, and we are trying to figure it out. Putting up with abuses can never be the answer, even if it comes from your own family members. Just like the sun, these yellow blooming flowers caught my eye today, blooming vibrant up high. We are not allowed to take photos or videos at home. I am not sure how long we can stay calm, because as bloggers we are facing such restrictions that are harmful for our career and our well being! We are hoping for miracles, and Lord knows we are waiting for justice. Because in these cases you can never raise voice or go to someone who can fight for you. People are always gender biased in my family and locality. So, things are sour right now and we can’t help it.

Here’s to hope ❤

We started our monthly color project in January. Check out other color photographs dedicated to each month here , here, and here .

Also check out our swatch videos below that we posted recently ❤ please give a thumbs up if you like beauty hauls and reviews ❤ We are very new to YouTube and would love to see people supporting us 🙂


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Mystic Love Heart Lipstick Swatch Video

Monday blues getting to you, we know! Why can’t we ever delete Mondays!!! But hey, we gotta work! So, this year we transitioned from bloggers to being vloggers, finally! And we are working on adding more videos, patience dear readers ❤ Ccheck out the YouTube icon on the sidebar for more 🙂

Welcome to our all inclusive blog! Today we posted a beauty vid, featuring Mystic Love lippies from The Beauty Spy . These are yummy bullets! The casing is amazing, we love the stylized fonts, and THAT HEART! You gotta watch the video to find out more! And, we have more videos where we show you how it looks on us without any other makeup (let us be realistic, most working women don’t get time to beat face early in the morning, we like a little of eye and lip makeup, and these beautiful lippies are amazing with or without any makeup on! Hydrates your lips and has the perfect shades of reds and pinks!

Check out our video below! And hit “like” if you love lippies ❤


We have individual videos for all the three , where we also talk about how it feels like to wear them. You gotta subscribe so you don’t miss our videos in future ❤

These lippies are like a collector’s dream! You ever collect beauty products and feel bad to even swatch them because you like the shape or embossing so much? we don’t think we can ever throw these away even when the lipstick is over or reaches expiration. Love the cases! We love the heavy bullet feel, it is like a love-ammunition in the purse! Talk about classic lipstick crush!

People, we have new champions in the house!!! Cute, powerful, vibrant.

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16Brand Colorrulez Tri Phase Tint Lip Glosses

Welcome to our makeup post, Korea special! Are you a K-beauty fanatic? This is our first time featuring a Korean beauty essential ❤ Take a moment to adore the glosses, please! We love the tri-phase formula and we are loving the packaging! With Vitamin E and Hydrolyzed collagen, these high-shine glosses are the next bling thing for your lips!!!

Thanks to The Beauty Spy for bringing us such awesomeness! These beautiful 16Brand beauties are also available at Chosungah beauty.

You can opt for other tri-phase glosses from 16Brand , the shades are so rich and feel so moisturizing! Swatches coming up soon, with a review video on our YouTube!!!!


The colors are so vibrant we just had to hunt for beautiful flowers for the pictures!!! More photos coming up!

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Red Nails for Spring and Summer

Let me just clarify one thing, Red is NOT my favorite color.

Hi, and welcome to another nail art post! Well, technically there won’t be any art on my nails for this post, but I did apply some glitter polish, tada!!!!

Red is seriously not my favorite, I am always in doubt when I am anywhere near this particular color, I avoid loud and bright colors, and that’s not because I am dusky. I think anyone having brown/dark skin can rock orange and red and yellow. Neon colors look so cool on dark skin, but somehow I just don’t feel great when I am wearing shocking colors. That is my opinion, though I’ve been told I look smashing in red. I am one of those girls who love dark colors that have black as undertone, like darkest green (I won’t specify the exact shade even if I knew the name, I love Moss Green too, greens are bomb) or dark maroon or midnight blue. Black and White are my favorites and if I had to choose other colors I’d go with green, purple and silver. Never red.

I have just one red dress and I rarely wear that, but it strikes me…am I being too judgemental of that color? Because, my sis and I are painters and we love all colors…may be this color wasn’t given a chance? Should I start having more reds around me? Spring time is such a sweet time, and with pinks and reds around we can easily say that this would be a perfect time for me to paint my nails red.

I wish the glitter was more prominent in the pictures but don’t you worry, I’ll be posting a video on our YouTube soon so you get a closer look. Click the YouTube button on the sidebar top right to subscribe 🙂


Anyone who thinks like me, that red nails kinda shout out loud in the face? I like dark nails, don’t get me wrong! I am into goth and punk, I love black nails and designing, but red is like walking on egg shells for me. I think it looks better on other girls, what do you feel about my red nails here? Also, do you love wearing rings while taking your manicure/nail art pics? It was way too hot outside to take more pics, so I just swiped two coats, snapped these,  and rushed in with Livvy. Spring is more of summer where we live, the sun is blazing already!

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Happy Easter 2018

Happy Easter, y’all ! We hope everyone is having a grand Easter season ❤ If only we could celebrate Holy Mass today it would have been amazing , but unless we travel to another place in few hours (which is not happening) we’ll be Mass-less this Easter. We both are unwell and, lemme guess, the earliest we’d recover is when it will already be Easter Monday. So, by the time we feel okayish to be out of the house it will already be Monday morning. Allergies, ugh! Anybody with serious ENT issues, we feel ya! We hope you are having an amazing time with family and friends , if not …then please add us on Facebook , every blogger here ( or non blogger) can send us request on this profile and we’ll be happy to accept you , just that we stay away from fake profiles, but unless you are a real threat we’ll be happy to have new friends 🙂 This artwork you see as the cover pic of the post is my artwork, drew it last month. It signifies Christ’s crucifixion and the two miracles ( Turning water into wine at wedding feast of Cana , and the feeding of 5000 ), more like a prologue to the body and blood of Christ that is symbolized by bread and wine. For more artworks please follow us on Brand Olishna

Christ is everything in our lives , my sister and I are born Catholics, but how many Christians take Christ seriously?! So, being born a Christian does not bring a prerogative there. Almost all Christian families will be saying the same prayers, every Christian child grows up listening to the hymns but how many turn out to be as humble as Christ? We had a convent upbringing, and no matter how many nuns yell at you for not having an active prayer life, trust us, if you yourself don’t have the urge to connect with God then no one can help you get closer to Him. I would have had the same respect for Christ even if I weren’t a Christian from the start. The reason we chose to have Christ as the driving force in our lives is not because we were born Christians or that the Convent taught us many prayers, you love God because you realize how good He has been and how much He loves you , no ministry can teach you how to revere God or how deeply you should feel for everything God created. Your soul is tied to God and He is the main fibre of your existence.  Just like my sis Livvy and I were discussing the other day, going to confession is not enough. As Christians we receive sacraments and Reconciliation/Penance is one of them. It is said that your sins are forgiven when you confess and then you go in peace. But it totally outrages me when people don’t respect this sacrament, confessing sins and then going back to the same sinful ways, beating the wife, rebuking children, stealing, cheating on boyfriend and then expecting the sins will be forgiven just because the Christian laws say so. People often forget that the Lord said, “Go in peace, and sin no more” … Asking for forgiveness and feeling sorry for sins or being ashamed is not enough, you need to refrain yourself, going back to your old cheap ways will only mean that you are mocking this Holy Sacrament. The act of Contrition is so heavy with meaning, you can google it up and see how “I will sin no more” is so much hard hitting. It is disappointing to see so many people, who are my parish members, take this special sacrament as a game for fun when they go in and out of the confession box and then retort to the same sinful life. I do not talk to this one particular person, one of the core members of the prayer group, who is also into homosexual prostitution. Yes, I know about this person, I know well because I have homosexual friends, and this person is a friend of another friend of mine, and I am against every ill practices as such. We stay away from toxic people, you can always argue that one should correct “stupid” people in private and bring them to God but you should really not get into conversation with evil minds. In the end, you need to choose either a rotten person or God. We are not homophobic and have nothing against homosexuality, but we hate prostitution, and no matter how long the Church says that homosexual love is forbidden I have only one thing to say (especially to my homosexual friends who are strong believer of Christ too) : Christ loves you, and He only looks at how humble you are, how beautiful your soul is, how prepared you are against temptations, how amazing you can be to other people. The love you feel for another man or woman ( be it homosexual or heterosexual ) should always be based on your understanding of soul, God has made everything good, and only evil intentions make things unholy. If your love for another man or woman is only based on sex then it is time for you to change. But if you love a person for the heart, if you are bleeding for the love then God is with you. He does not judge you if you have done no harm.

My sister and I take Christ’s name too much, we are guilty of that. But if you do respect him and love him then you will take God’s name even if you are running late for work, it is like God is holding my life up because if he didn’t I’d just keep crashing. We both sisters have witnessed many small miracles in our lives, and we continue to see God’s presence. I will not be typing out a whole biblical dialogue here , haha, we try to keep things secular as much possible because God is for all, Christ died for all, He has risen for all of us. One man of early thirties who did not get scared to face a preordained death when he already knew He could easily skip the death part. All the scourging he accepted resonates with our pain we feel in our daily lives. His pain was greater but out of that pain came a victorious streak of blood that helped us claim our souls back.

May this Easter be special for all ❤ Amen


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March Red

End of March! Happy Easter to everyone around the world! May the risen Lord be with you ❤ Sadly and unexpectedly, we are not going to celebrate the Holy Mass tomorrow, we both are unwell and allergies hit us hard yesterday. We’ll be wearing our Easter outfits some other day and post all about it on the blog later. We never miss Easter Mass but there is no other way out, we’re constantly sneezing, and I am all over the place as I type this post. Also, we don’t have a single phone that is working, we might have to get a new phone with new sim cards (our old numbers are not working either ). Talk about major mercury retrograde! But, always look on the bright side, this month highlights the color red , for Christ’s passion, and even though red is not my favorite color I can still say March is my favorite month because I am a March born babe. See here for my birthday outfit post!

Check out the colors of Jan and Feb if you haven’t already and don’t forget to follow us 🙂



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