Mid Year Beauty And Jewelry Haul 2018

🌈 June love to everyone!!

🌸Okay, before we share some of the haul pictures, we have some videos for you all to check out. Yes, we uploaded new stuffs on our channel! Below are the videos, please watch and subscribe , that’s how we get motivated 🙂

First up is the LGBT art video ( #Pride for June ) that Livvy drew and painted, the video is a little over 30 minutes , so please be patient and watch it because the total art tutorial is amazing! I am not saying this because she is my sis, I love her art personally, but the way she paints is magical ❤ Encourage your kids and others to watch our art tutorials because we assure you that you will enjoy the process, we even film our mistakes, so everyone here knows we are no fancy painters. We love painting and live for it, with all our mistakes and color bleeding we love how it all turns out ❤ As heterosexuals who lean towards the sapiosexual-demisexual-asexual axis , we both feel that there is a need to make place for homosexuals and other orientations to be comfortable in the world, because every country should preach the necessity of voice, the right to choose, whether you want polyamory or monogamy, it is your personal choice. But there also is a need to educate ourselves, we can stand up for each other, and as heterosexuals we can respect the homosexual love, not indulging in bullying or checking out homosexuality in a filthy way just to know how it feels and then breaking someone’s heart in the process. We are also strictly against prostitution and multiple cheating/dating, we do not endorse these crimes. Love is Love is Love. Issues like gender fluidity , women empowerment, lgbtqa rights, will always be burning all around the world. We can come to a peaceful resolution and abide by it. Change is at hand, respect what others are🌸 Many would argue that homosexuality is anti-Christian but like we have mentioned before on this blog, Christ looks at your heart and He would not throw you in flames for loving someone, irrespective of the gender. This might enrage the Christian officials but as true Christians we believe that if you love someone dearly that must be acceptable in the eyes of God.


🌧️🌸This is another video shot right after it rained where we stay 🙂 If you love florals and Nature you will love this one 🌸🌧️ these flowers in the video are the same flowers you saw the pic of in May Magenta ❤ yes, they look so different! The photo was shot in the sun and the video was made after the rainfall 🙂


Another art video ❤ Goddess Freyja ❤

Now for the HAUL!!!


There are many more products we need to show you guys, get reviews done and more YouTube videos to shoot!!! Are you ready???

Who loves these beauty/bath products and jewelries??? ❤

Happy Weekend!!

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Chosungah 16Brand Korean Beauty Tri-Phase Lipgloss | Yellow Blast | Swatch Video

🌸  Welcome to another beauty post! We have a very special video for you guys, our latest video features 16Brand lipgloss in shade Yellow Blast 💖


Check out the video below!

More videos and photos will be up by this month, we have two more tri-phase lip glosses to swatch and we’ll tell you everything in details there 🙂

Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube and also comment here if you love lip glosses 🙂 If you love pinks then this would be your bestie 🙂 high-shine and super cute ❤

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April Yellow

April was not a good month. It is sick to even think what my sis and I have to put up with every single day. But we cannot step back and watch everything going down in shambles! We cannot let anyone stop us, our blog life and artworks mean everything to us. We never dream of anything but art and writing. There has to be a way, and we are trying to figure it out. Putting up with abuses can never be the answer, even if it comes from your own family members. Just like the sun, these yellow blooming flowers caught my eye today, blooming vibrant up high. We are not allowed to take photos or videos at home. I am not sure how long we can stay calm, because as bloggers we are facing such restrictions that are harmful for our career and our well being! We are hoping for miracles, and Lord knows we are waiting for justice. Because in these cases you can never raise voice or go to someone who can fight for you. People are always gender biased in my family and locality. So, things are sour right now and we can’t help it.

Here’s to hope ❤

We started our monthly color project in January. Check out other color photographs dedicated to each month here , here, and here .

Also check out our swatch videos below that we posted recently ❤ please give a thumbs up if you like beauty hauls and reviews ❤ We are very new to YouTube and would love to see people supporting us 🙂


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Mystic Love Heart Lipstick Swatch Video

Monday blues getting to you, we know! Why can’t we ever delete Mondays!!! But hey, we gotta work! So, this year we transitioned from bloggers to being vloggers, finally! And we are working on adding more videos, patience dear readers ❤ Ccheck out the YouTube icon on the sidebar for more 🙂

Welcome to our all inclusive blog! Today we posted a beauty vid, featuring Mystic Love lippies from The Beauty Spy . These are yummy bullets! The casing is amazing, we love the stylized fonts, and THAT HEART! You gotta watch the video to find out more! And, we have more videos where we show you how it looks on us without any other makeup (let us be realistic, most working women don’t get time to beat face early in the morning, we like a little of eye and lip makeup, and these beautiful lippies are amazing with or without any makeup on! Hydrates your lips and has the perfect shades of reds and pinks!

Check out our video below! And hit “like” if you love lippies ❤


We have individual videos for all the three , where we also talk about how it feels like to wear them. You gotta subscribe so you don’t miss our videos in future ❤

These lippies are like a collector’s dream! You ever collect beauty products and feel bad to even swatch them because you like the shape or embossing so much? we don’t think we can ever throw these away even when the lipstick is over or reaches expiration. Love the cases! We love the heavy bullet feel, it is like a love-ammunition in the purse! Talk about classic lipstick crush!

People, we have new champions in the house!!! Cute, powerful, vibrant.

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16Brand Colorrulez Tri Phase Tint Lip Glosses

Welcome to our makeup post, Korea special! Are you a K-beauty fanatic? This is our first time featuring a Korean beauty essential ❤ Take a moment to adore the glosses, please! We love the tri-phase formula and we are loving the packaging! With Vitamin E and Hydrolyzed collagen, these high-shine glosses are the next bling thing for your lips!!!

Thanks to The Beauty Spy for bringing us such awesomeness! These beautiful 16Brand beauties are also available at Chosungah beauty.

You can opt for other tri-phase glosses from 16Brand , the shades are so rich and feel so moisturizing! Swatches coming up soon, with a review video on our YouTube!!!!


The colors are so vibrant we just had to hunt for beautiful flowers for the pictures!!! More photos coming up!

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Red Nails for Spring and Summer

Let me just clarify one thing, Red is NOT my favorite color.

Hi, and welcome to another nail art post! Well, technically there won’t be any art on my nails for this post, but I did apply some glitter polish, tada!!!!

Red is seriously not my favorite, I am always in doubt when I am anywhere near this particular color, I avoid loud and bright colors, and that’s not because I am dusky. I think anyone having brown/dark skin can rock orange and red and yellow. Neon colors look so cool on dark skin, but somehow I just don’t feel great when I am wearing shocking colors. That is my opinion, though I’ve been told I look smashing in red. I am one of those girls who love dark colors that have black as undertone, like darkest green (I won’t specify the exact shade even if I knew the name, I love Moss Green too, greens are bomb) or dark maroon or midnight blue. Black and White are my favorites and if I had to choose other colors I’d go with green, purple and silver. Never red.

I have just one red dress and I rarely wear that, but it strikes me…am I being too judgemental of that color? Because, my sis and I are painters and we love all colors…may be this color wasn’t given a chance? Should I start having more reds around me? Spring time is such a sweet time, and with pinks and reds around we can easily say that this would be a perfect time for me to paint my nails red.

I wish the glitter was more prominent in the pictures but don’t you worry, I’ll be posting a video on our YouTube soon so you get a closer look. Click the YouTube button on the sidebar top right to subscribe 🙂


Anyone who thinks like me, that red nails kinda shout out loud in the face? I like dark nails, don’t get me wrong! I am into goth and punk, I love black nails and designing, but red is like walking on egg shells for me. I think it looks better on other girls, what do you feel about my red nails here? Also, do you love wearing rings while taking your manicure/nail art pics? It was way too hot outside to take more pics, so I just swiped two coats, snapped these,  and rushed in with Livvy. Spring is more of summer where we live, the sun is blazing already!

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Makeup Haul 2018

It is getting warm in here!

Hello, people! We’ve been so busy lately, and we’ve been repeating this for all our blog posts now, because we are really so so so super busy that we only get time to unwind and enjoy some “me/we” time while we watch Scooby Doo and X-Men series on computer together. No matter how old you get you can never have enough of animated films and cartoons, especially if you are a Marvel or DC fan (not talking about the film fanatics, but hey, we’ve been into Justice League and X-Men even when there were no movie adaptations, talk about early 2000s ! )
And because we are always illustrating artworks and making videos, writing, and photographing..it does take away a big chunk of time . The rest of the time we are either cleaning the rooms or cleaning bird poop (our birds just squealed , they have this telepathy connection I tell ya, they somehow get to know when we are thinking about them or talking about them!) or washing clothes or cooking or switching the fans off because someone is burning up dead leaves ( we seriously hate it when the smoke gets in, we have ENT issues and I can’t tolerate any kind of smoke, but who cares, some people just like burning unnecessary things right outside your house and it isn’t even winter! Where we stay, people just make your life hell even when you try to reason out or tell them politely that their habit is bothering you. I could burn some dead leaves outside his house, but I am praying he gets lung diseases , just so he can know how bad a person feels when he can’t breathe, may be then he’ll know how I am gasping for breath? haha, we’ll see how far he can go! )

Well, that aside, we haven’t featured our makeup/beauty haul for a while now, so here’s a teaser 🙂 We’ll be featuring more of these beauties this summer ❤


We just love good makeup/beauty/bath products. Let’s never say that the geeks are different than beauty queens. Come on, are you still not accepting people like us who categorize the intersecting part? A particular person can be good nail technician and still be a doctor! Or a painter can be a good baker! My sis and I love colors , we are painters and we love makeup too, and like any beauty guru out there will tell you , just ask them, “you do not sleep with your makeup on!” ….No one is waking up next to their loved ones with makeup on, we don’t do makeup when doing chores , we don’t wear foundation every second of our lives! It is a total different thing if you choose to like makeup or not , but judging someone on whether they put on heavy makeup or no makeup at all, that’s too shady! You can hoard makeup and not wear them at all! You can wear the same lipstick shade every day! Who cares! I forget sunscreen , my sis forgets lipgloss , we are girls who do our own work, not every girl has the time to put on fake lashes and go about, but even if a girl does put on falsies and looks pretty while gardening , don’t misjudge! Being clean and conscious about what you apply as makeup or the kind of grooming products you choose (for men too) , that’s the most important thing to consider.

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Molly’s Birthday Outfit 2018

Hey y’all! Birthday Outfit post alert ❤

Welcome to our sweet little blog, it is my 28th birthday and (just like every year) my birthday season is always during the Lenten season, so no heavy celebration at all. I patiently wait for Easter and we always have a combined celebration. This dress is such a cutie, you’ll have to wait till October to see an identical dress with a different pattern and cut that’s owned by Livvy 🙂 A big thank you to all who wished me, my phone is going bonkers, people are blowing up my phone, so I am not responsible for the late replies 🙂




12th March will always be close to my heart for letting me be born on this day, the number 12 is special for me, and I am a strong/dreamy Pisces girl (with a fire rising sign, haha) , it kinda shows how dramatic things are when I am around 🙂 This year, 12th March is a Monday and I was born on a Monday too 🙂 Do you feel your birthday/birthdate is potent for you? Do you like numerology?

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Outfit Details

Floral Dress | Uptownie | here

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February Pink

Last month we started a trend of dedicating a color to every month, if you haven’t seen the color of January then please see it here 🙂

Welcome to our sweet little blog! How’s this Lenten season going on for you guys? So super excited for Easter already, not to forget the special day of Good Friday when even though it is a day of mourning but it is also a day we rejoice for the mission Christ accomplished , His passion and His teachings, and the fact that He died for us and the promise of everlasting life through Him, that is what we are all celebrating. Now, that’s all going to be majorly in March and April, but since Ash Wednesday was on St.Valentine’s Day this year we thought of wearing red to church , see here . And since it’d be too obvious to go with red, we chose the color pink to associate with February. These tiny flowers you see were clicked at church and it is a strong shade of pink, closer to fuchsia. We hope your February days were as bright as these flowers and hope you are having an amazing weekend 🙂


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Ash Valentine Wednesday

It is Ash Wednesday, people! And it also happens to be St.Valentine’s Feast! ( Check out Brand Olishna for Ash Wednesday/Valentine’s Day art here )

Think it is a double treat day, except for on Ash Wednesdays you don’t eat meat and preferably observe fast. This year we wore red and we still have the ash on our foreheads (selfie right after the Holy Mass ). It is a great start to the Lenten season, grateful for Christ’s love and the way we all care for each other. While dedicating just one day to love is purely unethical and strange, we can all agree to it that there is nothing greater than the whole world coming together to follow a cause so dedicatedly at least for one day! But with all the worldwide heartbrokeness and lack of honesty all we can do is hope that things get better soon.

Today we mark the beginning of 40-days solemnity, and observing fast is a major thing during Lent. So, we’ll make it a point to post at least few recipes per week so you don’t have to panic about what to eat and drink!

Can’t wait for the Holy Week! Have a blessed Ash Valentine Wednesday ❤

❤ ❤ ❤


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