Lovely as it is, the most beautiful time to photograph the sun, at least for us, is during the sunset. We can never be up that early for sunrise because of our work overload, but when we are out for evening walks we often take pictures and share it with you all.

We wish we had a better camera to capture the powerful beauty, but this is as close as we could get.

Here’s to another beautiful week ❀

Have a great day!

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Harpa Floral Dress | Molly

Hello, world! October is turning out to be a big month for all of us! Chirping the Halloween vibe here and there, and pumped up for Livvy’s birthday that’s in ten days!

And because fall colors are in the air, we took to some summer colors that should be fit for autumn , whoever said florals are not for fall season!?

Today we are featuring one of our favorite floral dresses from Harpa, Livvy and I have the same identical dress, just that the print is a little different in places.Β  I did a ponytail and wore faux peacock feather earrings because I just can’t do without some drama πŸ™‚



Livvy and I love twinning and we have other similar dresses in the closet, but this dress is one of our favorite identical set, even though, if you see closely, the prints are not exactly same in certain areas. This made us real happy because there is a touch of difference and we love highlighting our differences as much as we love our similarities.



Next up, Livvy’s Harpa dress and how she styled it.

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The Walking Two

Happy Mid-October, y’all!

OMG, just fifteen days away from Halloween? Wait-a-minute!


Livvy turns 23 on 25th! Is the Scorpio season here yet? Oh Yas! Libra, move aside already!

It is almost Monday here, so we’re sharing one of our signature photographs that we take when we are out for an evening walk, you may have seen us photographing our feet together, if not then please join us on Instagram or Twitter to see more , we always take pics of our feet when walking, we love taking pictures of both of our feet in one frame to signify where we are at and how long we have walked together. Also, if you see closely, we are wearing same footwear. We know the focus is on the leaves but you can still notice the shoes are identical.Β  Walking and talking intensifies our sisterhood ❀ We take most of our beauty and outfit pics for the blog when we are out walking, the breeze outside just makes it all so much better! Might be October, but in India we don’t get to see all the beautiful fall colors, it is still green and fresh, yet some trees are always shedding and turning dry. So, fall is not a big season when you look at the plants, but the air is still crisp and heralding the heavy chill that will follow soon. We wish we could see all orange pumpkins turning into Jack-o’- lanterns here, but Halloween is still a private party where we live.

Here’s to another October Monday!

May you have a lovely start to the week ahead and find your bling shinning all over your Monday!

It is the Holiday season, of course it is! Fall is Halloween is Christmas! What else do you need, Summer? (Rhetoric joke!)

Keep walking and jiving!

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October Jewelries

Hello, October lovers! Just so excited for this month we can barely stop smiling!

For the number one reason : It is Livvy’s birthday! Can’t believe my little sister is turning 23 ! On 25th! Scorpio season, yasss!

And for the second reason : Who’s up for Halloween??? Spooks!

In the meantime we thought about photo blogging few of our favorite earrings that you’ll see us teaming up with our fall outfits!



These are just few of the earrings we are flaunting this season, our love for jewelry is epic, so let us flood your feed with some bling, haha. The details about these pretties will be up with the respective outfits.

❀ October is like Pre-Christmas for us, you know December can’t be far behind!

How is October treating you? Would you like to see more of our jewelry collection?

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Big Love to y’all!

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Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection

Okay, so this one’s going to be a quick post on what is HOT HOT HOT in our makeup bag.

K . Y . L . I . E

Kylie Jenner’s Birthday collection is bomb, you guys!

As you can see in the cover pic of this post, the packaging is so pretty! Sweet sugar pink, baby pink, vintage pink, we are not even sure what pink it is, but it feels princess-y! We have a matte lipstick with lip liner, a gloss, and a highlight powder , all of which will be blogged by us in the coming weeks. Wooh, this is getting hot! Work the lips, mama! I won’t be disclosing the names of the shades yet, you gotta wait for the detailed posts!

Now, these pics are from the first swatch we did, not that proper , so excuse the quality of the pics. Livvy is wearing the gloss, and just below her pic is mine, where I am glitter faced with Kylie’s highlight powder. I know I have this surreal face that gets really weird in front of the camera, haha. But see the shine, people!



We’ll be posting a detailed review soon, and hopefully do a YouTube vid too πŸ™‚

Did you get your hands on the Kylie Birthday  collection too? What did you grab this time? ❀

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Sky Buildings

September’s going to be all about sky photos, the weather is crazy out here with so much of rain and heat at the same time, but who’s gonna miss out on evening walks? Not us!

We hope you enjoy the photographs we bring to you, these are small part of the memories we create while going on our usual strolls. Livvy is going to be mad at me for slapping back to back sky photos on the blog, I can’t help it, really! πŸ™‚ It is not that sky is the favorite element of nature for me, but I like the blues and whites up overhead. Those are colors of our kids. We are mothers of two small budgies, albino and blue.

But as for now, we are just clicking random grey skies because darn it is rainy!

Enjoy you day/night, wherever you are!


Love from two sisters.

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Hands That Paint

My sister and I often drop our work and scurry out into the world. Doesn’t matter if it is a week day or the weekend, we stop short and start walking. Evening walks make us feel happy, we talk and laugh and take pictures much to the dismay of onlookers , blasted freaking annoying people, while Livvy tries to stop me from making a fool of myself but how else do you take a sky photo? I stand in the middle of the road and block traffic, what else would a showstopper-sky-photographer do, right? With so much of abusive content staining our personal lives Livvy and I need a breather, and no clubbing and pubbing can make it right. Just to feel one with the universe , the clouds, the trees, you can head out and be lost in the silence. So much to love and yet some of us choose to block the loving and hurl denials at others. You want it? Make an effort to stay and love. If someone is not worth your trust, don’t teach them anything, take the love and focus on your talents. Just say no to playing games because no one wins by breaking hearts.

Much of our work requires us to paint, we are illustrators and Brand Olishna is our baby. If you look carefully at the cover pic of this post you will see that we have nail art on , yes, we hand draw our nail art designs. So, we draw a LOT! Dedication towards work is our thang, and we can’t help but pour out creativity.

As my Livvy and I are sipping our green tea, we are checking our To-Do lists and happy that things are running smooth. We know you guys are excited to see what we got next in line for you, you know the drill, just keep following to get notified when we publish our stuffs. Rock and roll, baby! We got paintings to show, we have stories to write. So you are in for a BIG fall season!


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The only yellow we love is the Coldplay song. It is a sweet song, and we love Coldplay. Don’t go judging, we love club hits too. But that’s just to say that yellow is not one of our favorites. Hold it, we are not saying we have something against it , we just never felt passionately for the color. But when you look around you see such pretty shades of yellow in nature, especially now that it is fall. We love taking nature photos too when we are out snapping our outfit and beauty pictures for the blog.

You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see more of what we do, we promise to be up and running with YouTube by the end of this year. Girls hustling like big boys! Yeah, baby, women in the house do it best!

What’s gonna be the highlight of this month? Just ten more days to go and we are getting ready for October. Livvy’s birthday, Halloween, and what-the-Christmas!

2018, we coming at ya!



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Sky Rain

The chill in the air when you are walking in the rain.

The rain comes down almost every Saturday evening, darkening the sun just too fast, way before the setting.

My sister, Livvy, and I take sky pictures so randomly during these hours. No Saturday is complete without a sky photo. But with so much of rain and flooding, and wildfires, who are we kidding?

Is the sky really the limit?

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Jeans and Florals | Summer Look | Livvy

Shake that thang, because Mondays need major shaking! Hey y’all, welcome to another outfit post , and a huge thanks to all our recent followers! Every time we publish our posts we see talented bloggers such as yourself reading, liking, and following our little blog here. We are so excited to reach the 250 milestone, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. I am Molly, I am the one who rants here usually, and right now my sis, Livvy, is taking a quick nap before she makes our dinner. We both compile our stuffs here but if there is anyone who is left with the job to sit and write then that’s me! I write serious sh*t and Livvy needs to be off computer to make food and make bed. Two sisters need to do their own stuff, and we do take turns. Just like earlier today you saw my outfit post here, and now let’s check out what Livvy wore to church on Sunday. It is still summery here and florals are not just spring motifs, come on! So, she chose this combo and I love how my baby sis styled it.


Do you love cobalt blue or light blue jeans? Livvy’s ruffle floral top is bomb, don’t you think? Here’s to the florals of summer ❀

Outfit Details

Jeans | Newport (Arvind Lifestyle) | here

Shirt | Honey | here

Please feel free to reach me and my sis at

You can also DM us on Instagram ❀

Have a great Monday!

Love you all ❀

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