Lovely as it is, the most beautiful time to photograph the sun, at least for us, is during the sunset. We can never be up that early for sunrise because of our work overload, but when we are out for evening walks we often take pictures and share it with you all.

We wish we had a better camera to capture the powerful beauty, but this is as close as we could get.

Here’s to another beautiful week ❀

Have a great day!

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October Jewelries

Hello, October lovers! Just so excited for this month we can barely stop smiling!

For the number one reason : It is Livvy’s birthday! Can’t believe my little sister is turning 23 ! On 25th! Scorpio season, yasss!

And for the second reason : Who’s up for Halloween??? Spooks!

In the meantime we thought about photo blogging few of our favorite earrings that you’ll see us teaming up with our fall outfits!



These are just few of the earrings we are flaunting this season, our love for jewelry is epic, so let us flood your feed with some bling, haha. The details about these pretties will be up with the respective outfits.

❀ October is like Pre-Christmas for us, you know December can’t be far behind!

How is October treating you? Would you like to see more of our jewelry collection?

Please join us on Twitter and Instagram so you can enjoy more of what we do!

Big Love to y’all!

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Sky Buildings

September’s going to be all about sky photos, the weather is crazy out here with so much of rain and heat at the same time, but who’s gonna miss out on evening walks? Not us!

We hope you enjoy the photographs we bring to you, these are small part of the memories we create while going on our usual strolls. Livvy is going to be mad at me for slapping back to back sky photos on the blog, I can’t help it, really! πŸ™‚ It is not that sky is the favorite element of nature for me, but I like the blues and whites up overhead. Those are colors of our kids. We are mothers of two small budgies, albino and blue.

But as for now, we are just clicking random grey skies because darn it is rainy!

Enjoy you day/night, wherever you are!


Love from two sisters.

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The only yellow we love is the Coldplay song. It is a sweet song, and we love Coldplay. Don’t go judging, we love club hits too. But that’s just to say that yellow is not one of our favorites. Hold it, we are not saying we have something against it , we just never felt passionately for the color. But when you look around you see such pretty shades of yellow in nature, especially now that it is fall. We love taking nature photos too when we are out snapping our outfit and beauty pictures for the blog.

You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see more of what we do, we promise to be up and running with YouTube by the end of this year. Girls hustling like big boys! Yeah, baby, women in the house do it best!

What’s gonna be the highlight of this month? Just ten more days to go and we are getting ready for October. Livvy’s birthday, Halloween, and what-the-Christmas!

2018, we coming at ya!



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Sky Rain

The chill in the air when you are walking in the rain.

The rain comes down almost every Saturday evening, darkening the sun just too fast, way before the setting.

My sister, Livvy, and I take sky pictures so randomly during these hours. No Saturday is complete without a sky photo. But with so much of rain and flooding, and wildfires, who are we kidding?

Is the sky really the limit?

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Enter August Exeunt July 2017

We’ve been getting notifications from dearest WordPress that we have new bloggers following us! We welcome you all to our little blog where we love to share about what we sisters feels, and a little bit about our closet and lifestyle. Make no mistake , we both might have similar tastes but we are still different individuals with shared interests, and who love beauty and designs. So you get double the posts and double the styling. A huge kiss from us to you all.

Hi, I am Molly. Livvy is tired and taking a nap, so I am just trying to get at least one post up and surprise her when she wakes up. You know how annoying it is when work piles up? Because bloggers will be viewing this first as soon as I publish here, and we work as professional bloggers ourselves, I’ll let you in on a secret. We get really pissed when we take photos and don’t get the time to either write or post. The rule is to draft out what you wish people to see on your post, but I just directly open the “Write” tab and start writing as though people are reading live newspapers and I am talking one on one. My sis and I have so many pictures that need to be posted and I can’t seem to find time to write about the products I was thinking to review, we have outfits to show you and those pics are laying lazy in a folder. I even forgot to write a June special post , we do a monthly intro every month and I didn’t even realize I had nothing posted for July. Our birds were not well, so that took our attention away from blogging and painting. Family comes first and for me my family means my sis and my birds and plants. I am very content that I have very less people in my life and my mind is more concerned about animal health and plant life. I consider myself to be part of that community where people are more worried about how to get the best life for animals, humans can go to hell. Literally, I have zero hope for humanity with so many creeps on the loose. Anyhoo, my sis and I are slowly trying to get the posts up on this blog, but we’ll still be posting on our Instagram first, don’t forget to check us out there. We have tons of artworks to show you on Brand Olishna , get over there too and support us!

We are also very thankful to our new collaborators and sponsors for selecting us to review their products here in India. Yes, we are open to reviewing and you can approach us from anywhere on Earth. You just have to email us on for further talks. We review jewelry, clothing, decor, beauty products, footwear, art materials, books, almost anything, even lingerie. We love collaborating with small handmade businesses. Also, if you want to blend the gender gap and get us some men’s shirt or tees or men’s sweaters, we don’t mind! As long as we fit in, we’ll love it, our tastes are anyway a lil boyish for girly things. Just shoot an email, we stay in India so here’s to your exposure to this part of the world. Please look around our blog and feel free to read our older posts about international brands we have featured so far ❀

This August we are welcoming the autumn already!Β  We have our fall outfits lined up, with so many recipes you can’t imagine. And get ready for some sweet stories, we also write poetry and short stories. We’ll keep you posted on that.

With so much to do, my sis and I appreciate the time you take out to go through our posts. You can reach us on social media anytime you want, we are located in Kolkata, India, so if you wanna meet up here get in touch with us for a business collab. We’d love to feature events as well.

Meanwhile, I’ll just go and charge our cell phones after I hit publish. Please come back tomorrow, or better still, follow us here (see the follow button on the sidebar, please) so you get notified about our next post.

Note the special cover pic : The cover pic is awesome, at least for me. Livvy and I took this when we were coming back from church. People were getting rid of overgrown branches and the street had leaves all over. Think I stopped the traffic of cycles there for a while when I was taking the pic, as a fashion/style/lifestyle blogger you know you raise eyebrows when you take pics in public!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

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Jeans and Florals | Summer Look | Livvy

Shake that thang, because Mondays need major shaking! Hey y’all, welcome to another outfit post , and a huge thanks to all our recent followers! Every time we publish our posts we see talented bloggers such as yourself reading, liking, and following our little blog here. We are so excited to reach the 250 milestone, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. I am Molly, I am the one who rants here usually, and right now my sis, Livvy, is taking a quick nap before she makes our dinner. We both compile our stuffs here but if there is anyone who is left with the job to sit and write then that’s me! I write serious sh*t and Livvy needs to be off computer to make food and make bed. Two sisters need to do their own stuff, and we do take turns. Just like earlier today you saw my outfit post here, and now let’s check out what Livvy wore to church on Sunday. It is still summery here and florals are not just spring motifs, come on! So, she chose this combo and I love how my baby sis styled it.


Do you love cobalt blue or light blue jeans? Livvy’s ruffle floral top is bomb, don’t you think? Here’s to the florals of summer ❀

Outfit Details

Jeans | Newport (Arvind Lifestyle) | here

Shirt | Honey | here

Please feel free to reach me and my sis at

You can also DM us on Instagram ❀

Have a great Monday!

Love you all ❀

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Jeans and Florals | Summer Look | Molly

Yasss! We made it! Boys and Girls, it is Sunday! Or, was Sunday, if you are located near our part of the world. July is a crazy month that goes crazy at least when it comes to the weather. It is raining but you still got summer heat. If you are reading our blog for a while now you already know we are two sisters who run this and are always on crunch time. We cook, broom, wash, dust, paint, and binge watch cartoons together.

Hi, I am Molly, elder sis of Livvy, and welcome to our little blog where we share about out lifestyle, beauty, and food habits. Today I am sharing what I wore to church, I never tuck in my shirts or tops, so this one is a first time try. I also never owned a pair of jeans that’s inky blue. Broke two rules in a day, haha. My floral shirt adds a pop of pink hue to the look ❀ And pony tails never looked so cute on me, trust me! I am like, wear a watch and a bangle and few rings, Done! Clean look for summer days!


I love wearing wedge heels, and because I am always in jeans, this skinny pair got me feeling happy all day! This pair of jeans will make you feel comfy even when going karate on any guy you catch cat-calling, just to say it is like your own skin! (And, there were guys who did make a pass at me, rude boys got a verbal lesson there from me right then! )

Do you love dark color jeans? I always stick to light blues/ dark blues or grays and black but never ink blue. How do you like my look?

Click links below to see what brand I am wearing ❀

Outfit Details

Jeans | Newport (Arvind Lifestyle) | here

Shirt | Honey | here

Please feel free to reach me and my sis at

You can also DM us on Instagram ❀

Enjoy your weekend, people! Let’s roll!

Love you all ❀

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Indian Outfit 2017 | Molly

Hey, I am Molly, and welcome to our little blog. You just saw my sister’s outfit post, this one is my ootd post featuring the summer Indian outfit. I explained a little in the previous post about what we are wearing. Because we have majority of our readers from outside India , many people may not know what a Kurti or a Kurta is. It is a long top or tunic like garment you wear on top and pair it with leggings or jeans. Goes perfect for all weathers and the prints are always amazing. You buy branded ones or low priced, it all looks pretty when worn in summer. I’d say it again, I pose in a weird manner, please excuse my expressions and selfies, I smile at camera like it is my boyfriend. Sick, yeah? Enjoy my Libas kurti outfit post and find more about what I wore here.


I love earrings, so I chose to wear some ornate ones.



Everyone would agree these kurtis have good prints and colors. I am particularly used to wearing more jeans and shirts, so I am always feeling uneasy because of zero pockets. You will also find kurtis with pockets in the market, I am yet to find a good one with pockets though. With cotton as material you can hardly go wrong!

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Email at for business/collabs ❀

Love you all ❀

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Indian Outfit 2017 | Livvy

Hey, people! Happy July! Hope you guys are doing great, but if you are like us and have our kinda life then things are probably not THAT great as it should be, it is only July and the weather is really playing havoc here. Livvy and I are so tired of the wicked thunderstorms and recurrent heat. That’s why you see very less of outfit posts lately because the heat is killing us, we can hardly even think of posing happily wearing our outfits. Anyhoo, who’s up for some Indian outfit alert? We love dressing up in cotton kurtis. (Kurta or kurti is a tunic/shirt/top like garment that is a bit longer and looks ethnic, like what Livvy is wearing on top in all the pics here.) Hope you love the summery print on her. The Libas kurtis are always so pretty! You’ll see me wearing a similar kurti in the next post, so please do stick around!


Livvy chose to wear yellow nailpaint from Tuesday In Love.


We feel wearing light and colorful during this weather transition is the mantra. Get this look from here. Here’s to the insane month of July, because we are feeling the heat already! (Literally, the sun is playing naughty!) Haha, do Follow our Instagram so you get updates there! Next up, my Indian outfit post coming right up! Follow our blog please so you get notified! ❀

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