Molly’s New Year Outfit 2018

January is slowly coming to an end, which means I am getting closer to my birthday! Well, technically it is in March, but you know how some people are always extra happy about their birthdays : one of them is me. While we all are returning back to normal work mode from the massive Christmas mood, we are also gearing up for this year’s St.Valentine’s Feast, Good Friday , and Easter. The shopping list is ready. Now, if only we can find some big chunky time slot to go to actual stores, because online shopping is not always convenient as going to the mall is, you get to see the real stuffs then and there, meet friends ,and you don’t have to wait for the delivery! We can’t wait to share about our latest buys! I’ll get on with my New Year Ootd pics now, if you haven’t seen this short video on our channel I would love for you to check it out and subscribe ❤


We are very new to video making, and as full time bloggers and artists we really have less time at the end of day to sit and edit vids, so you will see minimal edited videos and real life scenes from us. With so much going on, let us be clear about one thing, whether you vlog/blog professionally or just-for-fun you need to get off the computer and take responsibility for your personal life, you need to be MIA in one sphere of life so you can cater to another. Do not be foolish to think you need to be running at a great speed with everything in life, you will crash at some point. We all have multiple interests and we must chase our multiple dreams, but see that you don’t trample others on your way. Be at your own speed , don’t pace up with anybody just because they are doing better than you. You never know how life has trained some people to be better at what they do, for you may not have had their share of hardships.

To a grand 2018 that will see us soar ❤

Outfit Details

Distressed Jeans | Kook N Keech | here

Mirror Shades | Farenheit | here

Earrings | Stol’n | here


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Christmas Drink Recipe | Strawberry Coconut Smoothie

Wow, second weekend of the year coming up! And it is getting seriously icy cold. We needed an extra bottle of water, guess what, no extra bottle! We go out for evening walks daily and get our stuffs while we are out walking usually. So, we had to go to almost nine shops in search of one Fanta bottle. No soft drinks available in the neighborhood. Okay, may be it is so cold outside that nobody wants to have soft drinks, but someone needs the bottle! It is not safe to recycle a soft drink bottle, but we don’t have the time to go to a nice shop selling proper drinking bottles that’s located two stops away! It is so cold I can barely think about meeting people! Like I mentioned in the previous post here , that having a fruit is getting on my nerves, it is so cold I can barely eat fruits, is there a way to warm fruits? No, I don’t wanna cook them all fried. Lol.

Here’s one recipe you can try for yourself and kids and friends, we made this on 26th of December and the color would have been more pink but I ran out of Strawberry Jam. Please add as much jam you like to make it more pinkish and tasty.



  1. Coconut -grated (half a cup should do good for two servings)
  2. Strawberry Jam – I used jam because strawberries were not available, you can put in strawberries, or strawberry ganache or strawberry buttercream. The more you put the more pink will the color be. See here for buttercream recipe.
  3. Milk – more milk if you want it runny and less milk if you want it to be thick.
  4. Murabba – Sliced or diced Candied fruit or murabba – four spoons ( this will act as sweetener so if you want it to be less sweet you can add just one spoon of it)


Put in all the ingredients in the mixer jar and blend. Pour it out and serve 🙂


We wish we knew we’d be making videos when we were making this, so hopefully there will be smoothie videos on our channel soon. Maybe this Easter? Check out other videos on our channel simply by clicking the YouTube icon on the sidebar top right. Half of your good times come from good healthy foods , so be sure to follow our blog and vlog so you keep getting inspired. It just makes us feel so happy to be living a healthy lifestyle, even when half the world is going down the trash. Seriously, health is wealth, and you gotta have a strong food foundation for your own good. Also, do away with bad habits, yoga can’t help if you still keep smoking.

Please check with the people you are serving this drink whether they are allergic to coconut or strawberries or the other ingredients before you serve. You never know, allergies are so common these days, and food allergies should always be taken into consideration when you serve people or take them out to dinner and lunch.

❤ Have a great time you guys ❤

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Christmas Drink Recipe | Grape Smoothie

We know you all are on your smartphones, checking what’s going on, who is texting, who’s posting what! Christmas and New Year’s, everyone! Who wouldn’t be online?! You might be partying, taking time off blogging or what you do for living, but everyone is taking a look at their phone screen to see if there’s a text from someone or what’s getting posted by the blogger you follow. And here we are, posting what we drank this Christmas, sounds boring as though we have no other distraction to cater to, but this is work ethic! Having an inside laugh. Haha. No, seriously, if you blog passionately, you know you can’t let parties ruin your ethics. And to start with, today is our child’s birthday. Four years ago, our first baby bird was found at our doorstep and she turned four today. So, that’s one more reason we are extra happy! We have an early morning Mass to go to, gotta shut down the computer right after I post this. Then we have our schedule that won’t leave room for even an Instagram posting, forget about blogging an entire post.There goes the busy train! Say, have you watched our recent (and the very first ) YouTube video? See here .

Just two days away from 2018, and we are still not over with Christmastide! Oh Lord! If you are like us you probably hate the idea of people getting drunk and partying, sorry we really are THAT judgemental to never be in the same room with alcohol or alcoholic people. We are just not into it. We believe in a more healthy lifestyle, and no matter how much you argue that you go to the gym or meditate enough….so sorry it won’t work because your system needs to be alcohol free. Like, really? You believe in that shit, that confessing your sins will help if you keep committing the same crimes and go back to the same sick behavior patterns after confession? I sound like a preacher? Well, you need one, and let’s just be less of a hypocrite and feed our bodies something fun and tasty and good.

Christmas is a tradition + emotion for us, like it is for so many of you guys! We have children coming over, or for instance, your children, your parents, friends, who come over to your place and you keep looking for grand ways to make it up to them. Because let’s be honest here, we never seem to have time or situations where we can have fun and talk minus the headaches of work life. Women, mostly, gather round and cook up yummies. But the problem crops up when you have nothing to sip on! Please, no eggnog! We don’t like raw eggs, thank you! Vegan eggnog can be made, I’ve heard it tastes yumm, recipes vary though. But, to be simple and on point, winter celebrations should have milk, fruits, and chocolates.

This drink was made in just few minutes, ask your friends or children to help you out in assembling all the ingredients, put them in the mixer, and whip/blend. You can add chocolate syrup to this if you want, I added it later and forgot to take the pic. I forget to take pictures after making masterpieces. Lol.




  1. Strawberry Buttercream – 2 spoonfuls (you can make it at home by mixing butter, strawberry jam, few drops of milk and powdered sugar)
  2. Sliced Black or purple grapes – 20 (for 2 glasses , that will give you the color and the taste. Make it forty grapes for four glasses)
  3. Sliced or diced Candied fruit or murabba – four spoons ( this will act as sweetener)
  4. Milk



Put strawberry butter cream, grapes, dry candied fruit (murabba) in the mixer. Pour in the milk. Blend and Whip. Check with a spoon if everything has blended well. Blend again if you find lumps of fruits at the bottom of the jar.

The dark purple skin of grapes will look like confetti all over the thick milk after blending. Looks beautiful in glassware. You can include almonds too. Before you serve it to others please check that they are not allergic to the ingredients. You can refrigerate and drink later, I’d say you can keep it for two days max. We don’t like food that overstays and sits in the fridge for long, no taking chances.

Thanks for following us, we hope we made your 2017 fun with all the things we blogged about so far. We’ll be blogging tomorrow too, I’ll have to type in real quick while my sis will be busy with the food making. Livvy knows the masalas well, so I won’t bother going to the kitchen. The rest of the work will be mine. And we have serious work to wrap up before midnight, we hope you have an awesome 2018!

Christmas and New Year wishes from both of us! May God be with you and your folks.

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Christmas Playlist | Sony BMG CD 1


First bomb of Christmas has been dropped! The first candle of the advent season has been lit ❤ The home is getting a cozier feel and festive look, we wish we had a fireplace here but I guess we’ll have to relocate and then get a fireplace, some geographical locations never get snow and fireplaces, spoils the whole winter flavor! ( at least for people like us who haven’t seen snow yet, yes, we don’t travel to far off places, so that will have to wait)

Have we started with the Christmas music yet? Yes siree! We have! Didn’t you already? If you know the power of internet then you must have some downloaded stuffs to listen to, but if you are a Christmas fanatic like us you sure do have some original CDs that you seriously take care of all the year ❤


Did you notice the “1” written on the CD label? Okay, here’s a secret, we have three CDs in this compilation series , all came in one sweet case. Tonight we are showing you the 1st CD playlist . This CD has Presley, Jessica Simpson, Boney M, and three of our favorites, BSB, A1 and *Nsync ❤ Why I skipped mentioning Wham! ?Well, by the time it comes to the end of the song list, Last Christmas is like “why did George Michael ever sing this song!” .

Don’t get me wrong but if you happen to be a frequent listener of Last Christmas, it does make you feel sleepy no matter what time of the day it is. Not to mention, it makes me feel dramatic , as though I should be ball-room dancing somewhere. That music in the song is contagious! But a classic, nonetheless. Why we love A1 and *Nsync? We love them since we were in school! And did you listen to the White Christmas acapella by A1 ? Love it! *Nsync scores high with The First Noel , love the beats, and Justin knows how to melt a heart ❤ And BSB, those boys always sing good ❤ Also, who remembers Clay Aiken? Oh, that guy was so cute! Mary, Did You Know is my favorite from his albums, did you listen to Pentatonix version of Mary, Did You Know ? Love the two versions ❤ . We’ve got Michael  Bolton, Luther Vandross , Cyndi Lauper here, so you have some vintage feels to get you sweet and comfy ❤

Play it when you are with friends, family, kids .


Sony BMG does not produce anymore of these I guess, this compilation is from 2007 (Sony BMG is no more, alas) , yup, this has been with us for a decade now. This Christmas we are celebrating ten years of this compilation in the family ❤ We love the whole look and package, wait till you see the other two CDs 🙂


If you see the inner core of the CD you’ll notice the holographic name of this compilation with the number “1” hyphenated right after the year 2007.

The Song List

  1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Luther Vandross
  2. O Holy Night – Michael Bolton
  3. Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord – Boney M.
  4. The Little Drummer Boy – Babyface
  5. White Christmas – A1
  6. Christmas Time – BSB
  7. Joy To The World – Clay Aiken
  8. Merry X-Mas Everybody – Steps
  9. Christmas Through Your Eyes – Gloria Estefan
  10. The Twelve Days Of Christmas – Harry Belafonte
  11. The First Noel – *Nsync
  12. Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley
  13. Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens
  14. Early Christmas Morning – Cyndi Lauper
  15. Jingle Bell Rock – Daryl Hall and John Oates
  16. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Michael Bolton
  17. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Jessica Simpson
  18. Please Come Home For Christmas – Lonestar
  19. Last Christmas – Wham !

There you go, people ❤ We’ll be showing you the second CD in this series tomorrow. Thanks for joining us, we will share more Christmasy stuffs all through the season, don’t forget to follow us 🙂

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Sweet Advent wishes and greetings to you all ❤

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Thanksgiving Outfit 2017 | Livvy

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today we are sharing our first Thanksgiving outfit of 2017 , yes, there will be another outfit post update day after tomorrow, because we are both taking some time to reboot while getting the Christmas stuffs done beforehand.

Here’s what Livvy wore ❤ The Mast & Harbour skirt is in keeping with the warmer weather here, winter is not that chilly yet. Weather reports say it might not drop down, temp. may rise, but who cares? While the most of the world is wearing sweater, we are wearing short skirts and long thumbhole sleeves, just in case! The weather is pleasant for skirts here right now, you could wear boots with it too! Please find the links at the end of this post ❤




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Happy Thanksgiving , you guys!


Outfit Details

Skirt |Mast & Harbour| here

Earrings | Nicole Winkler  Jewellery| here

Pendant | Hippie Notions | here

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November Sky

The sky, expansive and dreamy.

How beautiful and expressive.

These will be the opening lines of our poetry up next on The Librettist. If you haven’t noticed before, yes, we also write stories and poetry. We love teaming our photographs with what we write, and nope we do not read to write. I noticed many of our classmates confessing that they read to write better. That is insane! Because if you are reading just to write better you will never focus on reading and enjoying what the author wants you to see! You cannot formulate what you are capable of feeling by reading somebody else! You have to feel and write, form and express, all by yourself. People can inspire you, but not make you a better writer. Trust me, having M.A degree in literature myself with so many authors surrounding me always, I have no shame admitting to the fact that this degree did not help me write better. I do not conform to any rules of Literature or writing when I write. Literature will introduce genres to you, but to write well you gotta feel, you need to be emotionally available, to be able to follow both logic and irrationality. You write because you feel, not because you just read a dead person’s novel! You don’t write because you have an excuse to write , like “oh, I read Austen, so let me write one close to her lines.” No! That won’t work, little robot of literature!

My sis is more scientifically inclined. With her science background you’d expect her to never write love poetry? Please! I have seen people with mechanics and economics as their studies writing better poetry than people who have literature as their base.

This November sky is all sunny where we live, might not be the same where you live but what does it matter?! November is here and soon December will swoop in!

Merry November, you know! 🙂

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Halloween 2017 makeup

Last week we were all running ghoulish, whether on the roads or all over Instagram! Halloween is just not for 31st Oct , for some of us it is somewhat all-year-round passion. Be it art on paper or makeup or just costumes, Halloween is BIG! And as you can see, we were celebrating my sister’s birthday, getting our work done, running behind schedule, so a majority of our posts got delayed. Let’s just say you should take this as a throwback to last week’s makeup looks my sis and I did on ourselves. We hope to post Halloween makeup tutorials soon. The following photos were taken right after we painted our faces. And trust me, those are all eyeshadows. Only eyeshadows!



We used up almost all the reds in our eyeshadow palettes and need to restock fast. Haha.

Hope you had an awesome October and started with November on a celebratory note. Because this 2017 is literally asking for a brand new 2018 already! And we are not yet ready for Thanksgiving! OH MY LORD, things are moving faster!

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Livvy’s Fall Outfit | Harpa and Mast & Harbour

Welcome to another Fall ootd post, yes we are posting two special Fall outfits back to back, if you missed out my’s outfit then check it out here.

Here’s what Livvy wore, an unconventional way to welcome Fall, but you know how autumn is in India, it is less of Fall and more of summer rains. Florals are great way to welcome any season, print on print could be your calling too! This Harpa top and Mast & Harbour shorts are total hit! Find the links at the end of this post ❤

Also, Livvy looks so sweet with the double space buns! There are other names for these buns, but we love the “space” 🙂


Mirror shades, anyone? Yes, we are working mirror shades right now, because the sun is glaring hot, and the rains are messy, let’s not overdo the glam party but just add a little cool twist by going retro with the shades ❤


This is one sweet way to get the yellow working with red and white. Styling yellows with other colors can be tricky but does not require rocket science to put confidence on top. While many may not see this as playing by the rules, but we’re not listening, if you are comfortable with any color combo people hate, go ahead and wear it, smash some rules this Fall season, feel good about it!


Do you like double buns like Livvy? Try it! Fall brings with it messy weather here in India, it is safer to get a braid or bun done than letting your hair down. Very neutral makeup and a little black liner, works like magic don’t you agree?!

Outfit details

Cold shoulder Top | Harpa India| here

Shorts| Mast & Harbour | here

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Have a great weekend!

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Molly’s Fall Outfit | Harpa and Mast & Harbour

Sun and Rain, everybody! Fall in India is going through summer-winter transit without the traditional fall colors. Autumn in Kolkata will show you rains and sunny skies together, so you never know if you should take cottons with you or get your mild winter wear on!

Anyhoo, Livvy and I are going with a combo that might just beat the heat and also won’t let the rains harass you. Cold shoulder tops and shorts! Keep the sleeves longer because the winter chill is in the air too.


I know, some people might think this is cute combo for spring. But, honey, there are no fashion rules that you cannot borrow from spring and try it in fall season. We all love florals and the reds and pinks scream out autumn vibes!


I chose to add these shades to go with the outfit, if you are dying to know which brand I am wearing, well, a separate post will be dedicated to these pair of glasses ❤ Also, wearing Kylie lipkit in the shade Twenty. I know it looks pink on my skin tone! But a lovely color it is!


Wore regular hoops and black eyeshadow 🙂


Go for a top knot to complete the look ❤Livvy_and_Molly_fall_outfit_harpa_and_mast_and_harbour_style_blogger_14

That’s it, easy look for this fall season, print on print, what more could you ask for to smash the monotony going on in the name of Fall?!

Outfit details

Cold shoulder Top | Harpa India| here

Shorts| Mast & Harbour | here

Next up, Livvy’s outfit, and yas, we have identical stuffs going on, styled in a different way with different colors!


Happy weekend you guys, and don’t go anywhere!!!

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The only yellow we love is the Coldplay song. It is a sweet song, and we love Coldplay. Don’t go judging, we love club hits too. But that’s just to say that yellow is not one of our favorites. Hold it, we are not saying we have something against it , we just never felt passionately for the color. But when you look around you see such pretty shades of yellow in nature, especially now that it is fall. We love taking nature photos too when we are out snapping our outfit and beauty pictures for the blog.

You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see more of what we do, we promise to be up and running with YouTube by the end of this year. Girls hustling like big boys! Yeah, baby, women in the house do it best!

What’s gonna be the highlight of this month? Just ten more days to go and we are getting ready for October. Livvy’s birthday, Halloween, and what-the-Christmas!

2018, we coming at ya!


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