Molly’s Birthday Outfit 2018

Hey y’all! Birthday Outfit post alert ❤

Welcome to our sweet little blog, it is my 28th birthday and (just like every year) my birthday season is always during the Lenten season, so no heavy celebration at all. I patiently wait for Easter and we always have a combined celebration. This dress is such a cutie, you’ll have to wait till October to see an identical dress with a different pattern and cut that’s owned by Livvy 🙂 A big thank you to all who wished me, my phone is going bonkers, people are blowing up my phone, so I am not responsible for the late replies 🙂




12th March will always be close to my heart for letting me be born on this day, the number 12 is special for me, and I am a strong/dreamy Pisces girl (with a fire rising sign, haha) , it kinda shows how dramatic things are when I am around 🙂 This year, 12th March is a Monday and I was born on a Monday too 🙂 Do you feel your birthday/birthdate is potent for you? Do you like numerology?

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Outfit Details

Floral Dress | Uptownie | here

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Chocolate Weekends

Pisces Birthday in the house! Just two more days!

Okay, so we’ve been busy with stuffs (Lent season is always busy, we all have to prepare for Good Friday, and when it comes to Easter shopping…man, time is of the essence! )

We hope you are having a sweet weekend, wherever you are ❤ These are some food pics we wanted to share with you guys, we love baking but these were bought from a nearby local confectionery.

Looks yummy but tastes yummier than the yummiest ❤


Don’t forget to come back on Monday, because you gotta see a Birthday Outfit post on that special day 🙂

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February Pink

Last month we started a trend of dedicating a color to every month, if you haven’t seen the color of January then please see it here 🙂

Welcome to our sweet little blog! How’s this Lenten season going on for you guys? So super excited for Easter already, not to forget the special day of Good Friday when even though it is a day of mourning but it is also a day we rejoice for the mission Christ accomplished , His passion and His teachings, and the fact that He died for us and the promise of everlasting life through Him, that is what we are all celebrating. Now, that’s all going to be majorly in March and April, but since Ash Wednesday was on St.Valentine’s Day this year we thought of wearing red to church , see here . And since it’d be too obvious to go with red, we chose the color pink to associate with February. These tiny flowers you see were clicked at church and it is a strong shade of pink, closer to fuchsia. We hope your February days were as bright as these flowers and hope you are having an amazing weekend 🙂


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Ash Valentine Wednesday

It is Ash Wednesday, people! And it also happens to be St.Valentine’s Feast! ( Check out Brand Olishna for Ash Wednesday/Valentine’s Day art here )

Think it is a double treat day, except for on Ash Wednesdays you don’t eat meat and preferably observe fast. This year we wore red and we still have the ash on our foreheads (selfie right after the Holy Mass ). It is a great start to the Lenten season, grateful for Christ’s love and the way we all care for each other. While dedicating just one day to love is purely unethical and strange, we can all agree to it that there is nothing greater than the whole world coming together to follow a cause so dedicatedly at least for one day! But with all the worldwide heartbrokeness and lack of honesty all we can do is hope that things get better soon.

Today we mark the beginning of 40-days solemnity, and observing fast is a major thing during Lent. So, we’ll make it a point to post at least few recipes per week so you don’t have to panic about what to eat and drink!

Can’t wait for the Holy Week! Have a blessed Ash Valentine Wednesday ❤

❤ ❤ ❤


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Christmas Nail Art 2017 | Molly

Christmas Time is always the best time of the year. Almost the end of Jan but here we are racing against time to get the holiday pictures out here on the blog! You gotta run a sane daily life and still be a super blogger, right? How about two super sister-bloggers? Good things double up, but the work load doubles in number too! You just saw my sister’s nail art post, scroll down to see the previous post if you haven’t already! I drew some “Holly and Ivy” motifs to have a fancy Christmas look , that went well with my red themed ootd , see here for more ❤


We would love for you to check out our New Year Nail Art Vlog here , please do subscribe for more 🙂 And thank you guys for being so supportive, we love you all 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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Christmas Nail Art 2017 | Livvy

Almost forgot to post the Christmas Nail Art pics! We will be going out for an evening walk after this, so Livvy’s locking up the windows right now. If you haven’t seen what she wore on Christmas Day then please see the ootd post here. This post is about what was going on with her nailpolishes that morning, she wore a cool combination of blue-green polish and glitters. It is such a fun Christmas look! Pics taken right after the Christmas morning Mass 🙂


Wish we knew we’d be making more and more YouTube videos back then, but it’s a bummer we don’t have a video on this one. But we will recreate this look so you guys can see the glitters properly. Our New Year nailart video is on our channel , please watch it here 🙂

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Molly’s New Year Nail Art

You know how great it feels to have glitters on your nails? Talking about people who love glitters, I see some people smiling 🙂 Here’s my glittery nail art that I flaunted on 1st Jan. Watch this video to know more !


Can’t wait to add more glitter polishes to the collection!

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Have a great time, y’all ❤

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Livvy’s New Year Nail Art

Welcome back, everyone! We posted a video on what we used to create a glitter nail art for the first day of the year , if you haven’t watched it yet then please watch it here . Here’s some of the highlights from Livvy’s shoot ❤


We are big glitter fans , so you will see more of glitters this year . Next up is my nail art blog post , get following to see more 🙂

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January Green

Happy Wednesday! Ready for the weekend already?! Here’s one of the photos we took on 1st Jan that beautifully displays what we are feeling right now , fresh and rejuvenated! Every month we’ll be posting one nature photo as highlight about how we feel and what we saw. With all the style, beauty, and food pictures, we are also posting about things we appreciate around us. Don’t forget to follow us , we love you guys so much ❤


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Livvy’s New Year Outfit 2018

Welcome back to another ootd post! Like we mentioned here before , January is fading away and we are all getting busy with this year’s to-do lists. If you haven’t seen our New Year Outfit video here then please do watch it and subscribe ❤

Here’s what Livvy wore on 1st Jan and this is how she styled everything. Find the outfit details below at the end of the post ❤


We both kept it simple and sweet , and we loved flaunting pompoms for the first time!

Outfit Details

Distressed Jeans | Tokyo Talkies | here

Mirror Shades | Farenheit | here

Earrings | Stol’n | here

Winter wear | 109°F | here

We’ll be back with our other New Year’s posts, including nail arts and accessories. The pompoms stole the show though 🙂 We were just so busy with everything, and then the YouTube happened, we just couldn’t post about our outfits until now. Don’t forget to follow us here on the blog so you don’t miss a thing!

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