Molly’s Birthday Outfit

🎂WOAH! It is sunny, it is March, and IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!

The title for the blog post says it all! I wish I had the enthusiasm and energy to write a giant blog post, because things keep rushing in when I think about my birthday, but I’ll keep this short. I wore my second dress of the year! Not the kind of girl who wears dresses, just so you know why I am panicky in few photos about what to do with my naked legs! (Darn! I was seen making faces at ogling strangers , I am a typical jeans-tees/shirts girl, so don’t blame me!)

I wore black, not a very birthday friendly color, but if you love black like I do you’d probably secretly wish to wear black wedding gown too. I can dream, right? ( What Christian girls go through when they know they will be married in white gowns but the best color they have in their brain is pitch black ) . White is my second favorite. So……. are we allowed to wear two colors on wedding day? I digress, my bad!

✨I also got a beautiful surprise from Livvy! She made me earrings, all by herself and I love handmade jewelry! I just love the dangling colorful tassel earrings she made for me! Thank you babe!!!


✨And a pic with my sister Livvy, she made me the earrings, the food, the cards, and took my pictures! But, It was just too sunny outside! Incidentally, this was the first time we were outdoor photographing, something I don’t usually do. I will be posting about my nail art and the food after few days. Happy Pisces loving her day!

✨Did you like the outfit? Would you wear something in black on your birthday? When is your birthday by the way? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Outfit details

Black Dress | Oxolloxo | here


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Molly’s Spring Outfit | Multicolor Top

✨💕Welcome back to another outfit post! Livvy and I are munching on chips and peanuts as I type this post. Chips and peanuts, very unlikely combination but better than choosing to go hungry. Anyhoo, I vowed to wear more dresses this year, just to look a lit more feminine. To look, mind you, not to feel. Not that I push myself to accept gender norms, I like being in casuals, jeans and boyish shirts all the time because I find those more comfortable than flashing my legs. I hate people staring at my manly legs. I also don’t like shaving legs. I don’t like shaving hands either. I only shave where it is necessary , for hygiene (it is a personal choice, you may choose to go without shaving anything at all, your body your rules) . I have lived my life in jeans and cargo pants, and I have never felt manly or less female in them. What I feel when I wear dresses is unwanted staring.  So, I might have added a jeans-top outfit on the list before I could wear the second dress for this year. Guilty of dressing like a guy, but I have a “feminine ” top to go with. And hello multicolor! This top has a wrap neckline. It was too sunny and my hair was all over the place so the neckline isn’t that evident in pictures.


My sunnies are yellow reflectors, but you see them greenish in few pictures because, one, either the blue sky is reflecting as the sunnies are propped up on the head, and two, there is this blue cabinet box on my left that’s making the green effect on my sunnies. Just to do away with the thought if you are guessing I had two different mirrored sunglasses with me.

Kolkata has a bad transition phase , especially when it is from winter to spring. Because there is NO spring. We just go nosedive into summer, so the weather is bad both health wise and vibe-wise . I hate the vibe of this no-spring-only-summer season in Feb and March. And to add to this wreck of a weather we now have heavy showers of rain and thunderstorms. It is like cold, heat, thunders, sunshine all in twenty four hours. Your body rarely knows what to expect! People all over the town are having fever and cold.

✨Are you a trousers/jeans/cargo pants girl? High five! Do you like feminine colorful tops? or shirts? What season are you experiencing at your end?

Outfit Details

Multicolor Top | Oxolloxo | here

Reflectors | Farenheit | here

Black Jeans | Newport |here

Sidenote: My birthday’s coming up! Pisces season! I have this pretty dress I will be wearing on that day, and it has both the colors I love and hate. Again, since I hate unwanted staring, just to get some blog photos, I will be seen running around town in a short dress to save myself from mad dress-hating people! We don’t pose like supermodels for our style blog, just two sisters posing in a very casual way wearing our freshly added everyday outfits. But nonetheless, people just have to make it so embarrassing when they keep staring as we take photos in two seconds! The things we have to go through for some decent blog pictures!

Until next time! Have a great day! And follow our little blog!

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Christmas Drink Recipe |Bhuira Jam

🍹🍹Wow, 2019 is so unpredictable! We had so many posts lined up but I have been under the weather, and just couldn’t post this Christmas recipe in time. We’ve been busy with painting and not to mention my bouts of poetry doing rounds on Instagram stories! Hella job when you have Mary Shelley, Christina Rossetti, and Frida Kahlo aura at the same time. Well, you get the picture!? Now, we posted Christmas drink recipe before ( check it out here and here ). We always have fun adding jams and jellies as ingredients, so heads up, this is going to be extra jelly at the bottom!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Bhuira jam smoothie! TADA!!!


  1. Bhuira Jam
  2. Milk
  3. Peanuts and Cashews
  4. Tutti Fruitti in green
  5. Murabba / Candied fruit ( white or yellow)



Get the milk and jam blended up in the mixer. If you like it sweet then please add a little sugar ( not much) , this is because Bhuira Red Plum jam is a tangy one , it isn’t all too sweet. Add half the jar to quantity of  two full glasses of milk and then blend it . Next, add nuts and murabba, blend it again. You may add small quantity of minced fruit, but make sure you add sweeter fruits, like sapodilla or banana and not apples or lemons. God, disasters happen with those fruits and milk! Keep the mix aside. Take a glass and scoop five spoonfuls of the jam and put it in the glass, let the jam settle at the bottom. When you have the desired height of the red jam add the milk mix you just prepared and then add green tutti frutti slowly. Don’t just add it with the spoon in the centre, that won’t make it visible, it will all sink right below. Add slowly by the side, go circular as close you can towards the body of the glass circumference.

You can also choose to mismatch the ingredients we used for other smoothies on our blog. We always present non-alcoholic drinks , safer for children and adults. Remember to keep in mind food allergies and check beforehand if anyone is lactose intolerant.

Bhuira Jams , we think, have varied purposes. We liked having the jam as chutney too. Because these are handmade, the jams have a very homely feel and don’t have added coloration. That’s why the milk part in the glass didn’t turn total pinkish in color ( which usually happens with all the other red jams we have used before. The milk will have a faint pink or no hue at all!) . You feel the freshness, and tastes good too.


🍹🍹How was your holiday season? Is it still on? We love Christmas, just saying!

Also, how cool is this pink fuchsia button color  on WordPress? When did this change happen? That blue shouldn’t return 😛


Have a great weekend ahead!


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New Year Outfit 2019 | Livvy

💕Yaaassssss!!! First week of 2019 and the first outfit of the year is here! Livvy wore a beautiful maxi with slit and had three different hairstyles for the day✨💖

Check out the details at the end of this post ✨

This outfit has a strappy back and is ideal for the holiday season 🎄✨💖

Livvy made these beautiful woollen bracelets for us and the colors matched well with her outfit and nail art 💜💙💗

Here are the three different hairstyles she chose to flaunt, braids looked so pretty with the outfit ✨

Here’s to 2019 and all the good times it will be unfolding 💗 Do you like this floral maxi? Would you wear something similar for any of the festivities this year? Comment below so we know what you think 💖

Outfit details

Violet Maxi | Harpa | here

✨How is January treating you so far? Hope you guys have an awesome year head. Don’t forget to hit the follow button and keep us on your feed. More outfit, food and style posts coming up✨

New Year Outfit 2019 | Molly

✨🎉Happy New Year to you guys! It has been a week already, did you notice yet? I am a little under the weather, so don’t mind me taking it slow. Hey, the world isn’t moving THAT fast!!!! I wore pink maxi to church on 1st Jan, and pink is my least favorite color. Just that the dress is just too pretty! 🌸 It has a cherry blossom feel to it and a cute back. Check out my outfit details at the end of this post 💖

The bracelet on my left wrist was handmade by Livvy ❤

I also had two space buns for a different look✨

How was your New Year’s? Did you wear something floral/printed? This maxi was real comfy and I loved the print. Let me know in the comments if you like this pretty pink number 🌸🌸🌸

Outfit Details

Pink Maxi | Harpa | here

Hope you guys had an amazing first week of the year. Thank you for supporting us and following us here on this blog. To keep us on your feed don’t forget to hit the follow button ✨

🎄Have an amazing 2019 , everyone 🎄

Christmas Outfit 2018 | Molly

❄🎄✨Christmas is still on! Whoever thinks Christmas is just for one day is so wrong!

My outfit this year was a blue printed dress with a beautiful back cut. You see a big green bow on my head? That was all handmade by Livvy 💚🎄

I wore a pair of blue studs and matched them with my nails❄

Livvy and I wore similar block heels ❄💕 These pictures were taken right after the morning mass . I know I am all red hair, green bow, blue dress, white shoes.. But, isn’t Christmas all about the colors? Would you wear a sky blue dress on Christmas day? How are you celebrating this season? ❄

Outfit Details

Dress | Oxolloxo | here

Bracelet | The Tomentosa Shop | here

Lipstick | Maybelline | here

Enjoy your New Year’s and Happy Holidays to y’all✨❄💖

Christmas Outfit 2018 | Livvy

Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating. Yay, it is the last day of 2018! Come on, been waiting for 2019 for a long long time! We couldn’t hurry this up so here it goes. Christmas Outfit alert! We’ve been busy with all the revelry (minus the drinking). We wore similar cut dresses that have beautiful back cut with a sweet knot to tie at the back.

Here’s what Livvy wore and how she styled her outfit ❄🎄✨

✨She chose to wear minimal jewelry with the dress. The cute studs look so pretty on her!

The beautiful bow was handmade by Livvy . Her white block heels and the sling bag looked perfect✨

Do you like wearing white for Christmas? Do you like this printed dress? She was shivering in the cold while taking pictures without the sweater. It was a breezy cold Christmas morning , no doubt! ❄ How did you spend your 25th Dec.? The pictures were taken right after the morning mass. By God’s grace the day went especially well with all the cakes and special lunch ✨

Outfit Details

Dress | Oxolloxo | here

Bracelet | The Tomentosa Shop | here

Lipstick | Maybelline | here

October Brown

October’s gone away, November’s here to stay..

Well, mid November and we are preparing for Christmas already!! We know we’ve been sluggish here but we have been nonstop posting on IGTV and all over our Instagram about the things we’ve been doing together.

October was all about the brown leaves, we have been collecting leaves off the street and gardens for our flatlays, head over to our instagram to see them make awesome photographs ✨🍂😍

Who is excited for December??

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Livvy’s Birthday Outfit | Uptownie Dress

Livvy turned 24 on 25th this month 🎂✨🦂We’ve been preparing for Halloween and early Christmas to-do lists are out on the table, so things been moving slow here and there. But, nothing can stop birthday celebrations 🍹🍹 here’s what Livvy wore on her birthday. Birthday food post will be up shortly 🎂

This pretty uptownie dress has a beautiful heart cut out at the back and a sweetheart neckline 💖 I wore a twin dress on my birthday with the same print but a different cut, check it out here.

Outfit Details

Dress | Uptownie | here

Do you like printed dresses too? Do you like sweetheart neckline?

P. S 🎂 The headband was handmade by Livvy 😍💖

Happy Sunday you guys ✨✨✨

Livvy’s Fall Outfit | Aurelia Kurti

Sunday evening and we are preparing for more flatlay photographs to be taken tomorrow morning 💕📷🍂☕Mid October is looking bright, we’ll be discussing some of our favorite things to do during fall season on the blog after few more posts. We posted one of our fall outfits today, check it out here if you haven’t already!

Livvy chose to wear this ensemble, for her fall outfit post 🍂🍂🤗✨💗

Floral prints in fall colors look beautiful this time around, don’t you think?

Find the ootd details below ✨

Outfit Details

Kurti | Aurelia | here

Have a sweet weekend, y’all 💋

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